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Capture the Amazing Good Old Days of Cartoons

Updated on June 24, 2021
Kenna McHugh profile image

I work in modeling and film production and like to share insights into both businesses.

"In the midst of the vagaries of life, they provide us a trip to the land of goodness and fairies, of imaginations and possibilities.

A childhood that wasn't spent watching cartoons or reading comic strips, no wonder, seems too dull to imagine."

— Sanhita Baruah

Why Cartoons Are Good for You

Growing up in a family with a single mom and two siblings offered me the opportunity to be glued to the television every Saturday morning and watch cartoons.

The cartoons allowed me to forget about all the troubles and hardships we endured. It allowed me to escape and think about how I could make the world a better place for my family if only I, too, could be a superhero.

The superhero cartoons were the best at inspiring me because they encapsulated the idea of confronting your problems and solving them. To this day, I follow that concept. I get a kick out of tackling issues and throwing them in jail as I head back to my office. In this day and age, I sometimes have to be a superhero.

Cartoons to Watch

I don't know when cartoons became popular. They appeared on the television each Saturday morning. They were my favorite because I was mesmerized by Bugs Bunny, The Road Runner, Batman, Daffy the Duck, and Superman.

By watching cartoons on Saturday mornings gave my mother time to herself. They entertained all three of us -- me, my brother, and sister, while my mother cherished her Saturday ritual of pampering herself and preparing for the next week to come. She worked hard and deserved all the luxury she could muster in those invigorating morning rituals.

Not that my home was dysfunctional. I wanted my mother to be happy since she worked extremely hard, raising three kids independently. I think, most of the time, she was smiling, but she had so much to do for us. She was my superhero.

Batman for Kids

The history of cartoons teaches kids they have the opportunity to watch comic book characters come alive on television or device. Stories like the Dark Knight allies with Red Tornado, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Plastic Man, Blue Beetle, Wildcat, Deadman, Bronze Tiger, and Atom take on many evildoers shows them how to solve problems.

Kids watch the annoying hoodlums running as mad and crazy scientists. They see the no good, off the wall, intergalactic crooks, from world power, crazed dictators to skidding teenagers. They learn that one takes responsibility for others by helping them confront their problems.

“Grown-ups’ could learn a lesson from watching cartoons.”

— James Jean-Pierre


I was satisfied watching cartoons every Saturday. If I felt unsatisfied, I kept watching until Bugs Bunny, or the Road Runner saved me. Based on my childhood memories of watching morning cartoons, I checked out these "old" treasures through Warner Bros. archives such as Looney Tunes. I can still get my hands on another set of Saturday morning cartoons at Amazon Prime.

A cartoon hero is the only way to capture the good old days of cartoons. The darker ones are more of escapism with a lesson in how not to behave than the silly Bugs Bunny and goofy Road Runner.

What Do You Think

Would you encourage your kids to watch old cartoons?

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Mel Blanc is a hero because of what he could do with his voice for all the Looney Tunes, "the Warner Brothers cartoons, to be the voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig."

— Nicolas Cage

Cartoons vs Comics

Perhaps, you were one of the millions of kids watching cartoons of the 60s and remember the Saturday mornings with Batman, superheroes, or Looney Tunes.

You necessitate the need to share them with your kids. Not only because they are pure entertainment, but they are super safe to watch compared to some of the television programs today.

You set an example of telling your friends that your kids watch old cartoons. Hooking up with the superheroes on Saturday mornings, watching the popular and well-liked comics is not just a pastime -- it is a passion and escapism.


Cartoons YouTube

Watching episode after episode of each series, I know you will laugh yourself silly, but make sure you share them with your kids. You might even discover some cartoons you haven't seen before like, Batman Animated Series Volume One.

YouTube offers tons of these cartoons, so grab your device, put on your headphones, and start the entertainment.

Batman in Action

Amazon Prime

What makes it easy for parents and kids is Amazon Prime offers endless chances to view the good, old cartoons. If you are a Prime member, they are available at no charge except for your membership with Prime. They are not very long, so your kids are not wasting their whole Saturday morning, like I did, watching the classics.

Be warned. The cartoons are addicting because they are extensive in the number of stories available but so much fun to watch. They are not cheesy and are as suspenseful as the movies the studios put out with the same characters. The characters are dark with a foreboding soundtrack. The hilarious cartoons are more entertaining than the film because they include slapstick humor that is safe for kids to watch.

© 2011 Kenna McHugh


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