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Sausage Party

Updated on August 12, 2016
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Pam is the CEO of Megawot Entertainment, with her boyfriend serving as the inspiration behind the company.

SP Official Trailer #1

Sausage Party Film Review

Rated as a: Comedy, with an R rating


As you’ve come to expect, I see all types of films, not just the ones that are highly rated or lowly under-rated. In order to have an opinion of any film, you need to have viewed the artists’ work. There are multiple versions of the Movie Trailer. This a red-band trailer. Version #2 has about 5 seconds of realistic dialogue, where another Food item is being prepared, and he screams-weeps on the Countertop.

The Story

As seen in either version of the trailer, the Great Beyond is the place where all food items from the grocery store long to go. This is their Quest, to be “chosen” as the Gods intended, and then taken to the Great Beyond. Which makes everyone happy.

There are several modern themes presented on-screen: Monogamy, Menages, F-M, LGBT, Children, Belief system, Respect, Control, Individuality and Finding Love in a multi-cultural setting. The animation settings include: Shopwell’s, a grocery store during the daytime but changes at night, Exterior street location with Human car, Interior Human’s apartment, and the Great Beyond (Customer’s house).

No food group is left untouched in this film.

Opening Scene

Bunogomy is discussed, while the Hotdogs are packaged together. Frank is their leader, and his friends are Carl and Barry, among other non-talking Hotdogs. Carl teases Barry about his length, as he is a runty weiner. Aside from some of the sexual jokes, some of the other Guy Hotdogs reaffirm Barry that “Sometimes girth is more important than length.” You get the idea of the film’s dialogue, which is taken from real dialogue (F-words & slang). Thank you to the Producers and Writers for getting it right, and putting it on-screen, as my direct observation is the same as what you’ve shown.

Brenda Bunson is the (you got it) curvaceous Resident Bun, whose shape is adored by males and females alike. Sort of like Jessica Rabbit. Brenda and Frank “touch tips,” while they both slip out of their packaging. In front of their friends, who are still inside their respective packages.


The Story Continues

It is the Fourth of July weekend at Shopwell’s, so all food items are expectantly waiting to be chosen by customers, to head into the Great Beyond. Mr. Honey Mustard is returned to the store by a customer, where he tries telling the other Food Items that the GB is not real, but no one listens to him. The next customer picks his jar from the shelf (after all, he just got returned and is in front row center). A food accident happens, when the lady drops food items from her grocery cart onto the floor. Frank and Brenda become separated from their packaging (and from each other); Oreo cookies become separated, Peanut Butter loses his wife, Mrs. Jelly, which is a great visual without having to show the actual blood. Everyone is covered in flour, as Mr. Flour exploded. This is what starts the story (Inciting Incident) and the character development.

After the Inciting Incident, Brenda gets paired with Mr. Kareem Abdul Lavosh and Mr. Bagel. Teresa Taco saves them from Mr. Tequila, when he lures them into a Western-style saloon, complete with a variety of tacos and a Bartender. Teresa secretly desires Brenda, but she must suppress her urges, as she eyes Brenda’s curves.

Mr. Douche is the resident nasty guy, who drinks other item’s liquids to give him strength (Mr. Grape Juice, Mr. Tequila). He is out for revenge for Frank, who caused the Grocery food accident, because Frank and Brenda were helping Mr. Honey Mustard from crashing to the floor. He also wants Brenda for himself, because he is a “Douchebag.”

Frank meets The Non-Perishables, a group of food products that never expire. It includes Mr. Firewater, Mr. Twinkie and a third character. Again, the Trio concept is used here. They get Frank high on herbs stuffed inside a smoking pipe. As a story device, Frank learns about The Darkness beyond the Ice aisle, holds the answer. But, no one’s made it that far in the store.

As you can guess, Frank journeys through the Frozen aisle, into The Darkness, and beyond! He flips through a Cookbook, showing great cooking techniques.

Meanwhile, Barry hitches a ride with a Human leaving with a Shopwell’s bag, and, in his naivete thinking that the he’ll be returned to the grocery store. (The Human has a tag on his car that says “Pixar”). Instead, he is introduced to another group of Secondary characters at the Human’s apartment. The Human injects Bath Salts to get high, which also enables him to see the “4th dimension” (the Food characters with their tiny gloves). He promptly passes out to recuperate. After Mr. Gum (a reminder of Stephen Hawking) introduces himself to Barry, the MovieViewer is treated to Barry’s death, by the Human throwing him into a pot of boiling water.

All plotlines were ended, the Bad Guy destroyed, the Food Community saved (“We can’t run. We can’t hide. What can we do?”), and the Humans all given a taste of their own sedative.

The HFN (Happy For Now) Ending includes a party. Menages at the finale (everyone parties down). Nice animation technique of fast cuts at the Climax of the film. Food can make a difference in and to society.

Thank you to the filmmakers (Mr. Rogan, Mr. Hill, Ms. Ellison) for showing a cultural piece, a sign of the times, if you will. It was witty, hilarious, and made me LOL all the way through. As far as storytelling, it resolved all plotlines, and everyone (every food item) has an HFN.

Thx for reading this review, and seeing the film if you decide to have a few laughs, Pam

p.s. I don’t generate any income from Hubpages, as I want to be independent in my reviews.

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