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Saw 3D (2010) - Film Review

Updated on November 24, 2010

First let me address the general audience on this one. Saw VII is the final addition of the series. In a way, it ties in all the previous film and gives it an ending. As compared it to its predecessors, the final installment is an average, ok film, on the basis of horror films, its forgettable, and on the judgement of films in general, its a complete joke. If you’ve never seen any of the previous Saw films you’ll be completely lost so don’t even bother. Not like there really is any significant plot here anyway. It’s full of random non-sequiturs and cheap follow-ups to the other characters. It seems like they took a vote to see what people wanted in the final film and the they just threw all of it in there.

I’d suggest to go with a large group of friends and just have a lot of laughs the occasional scares. Don’t go with just your boyfriend or your girlfriend a “couple’s night out” for this film because the girl with just end up getting nauseous and the guy will just end up getting frustrated that he just spend close to forty dollars watching this. Detective Gibson was a riot, sounding very much like a Matthew McConaughey that just met a new level of stupidity.

The killings are all poorly orchestrated and quite frankly the gore and blood here was just cheap. The premise that surrounded the original film was a carefully laid plan of horror that left you guessing and to some had a very surprising ending. The characters, most importantly, were for most part well developed so you felt more for them when they died. I just couldn’t relate and really feel bad for these people because I really didn’t get enough time to get to know any of them. You’ll see a lot of old characters, and for the Saw franchise fan this is going to be somewhat of a pay off. But once again, the film is just as blah as every other sequel since Saw IV.

As far as a seriously regarded horror film, it’s a B movie if anything, and the 3D was Clash of the Titans level unnecessary. I saw a lot of potential here but it just didn’t come through. This film is for mature audiences however “cheap” the gore might be to a film buff, so parents please keep your kids home on this one. For everyone else, if you treat it as a comedy going into it, and laugh at the mediocre, even insulting acting skill, along with the cliche dialogue lines you find it quite entertaining. The Saw franchise started strong, and limped on ever since, so it’s high time this train wreak rolled over and died.


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