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Sci-Fi Becomes Syfy

Updated on July 8, 2009
Complete Rights To Syfy...
Complete Rights To Syfy...

Wait, What Is Syfy?

As many of you may know the popular Science Fiction Channel "Sci-Fi" has officially changed their name to "Syfy" due to a few reasons that may or may not be reasonable.

Syfy still remains the same channel, and will still continue on with on with their programming, however the new name and tag-line, "Imagine Greater" are supposed to bring more options and better entertainment to viewers. Many viewers on the other hand find this untrue and find Sci-Fi's name change a complete waste of time and will confuse many viewers.

Why Sci-Fi Changed Their Name:

By changing their name to Syfy they now have an own able trademark, another reason this has taken affect is the ability to cut down spelling errors for the channel by 33%. Sci-Fi was an shortened version of Science-Fiction... which a lot of people have trouble spelling... leading to the change Syfy.

Many of the viewers are disappointed in the name change, "I feel as if I just got dumped" Says one man, "First the quality of TV went down, now they change the name?" Exclaims another. It is in big debate if the new name change will have an effect on the viewers that still watch the channel.. some say that Syfy may lose as many viewers as they gain with the name change and poor quality television.

What's Going To Happen To Syfy...

However the president of Scyfy, Dave Howe claims that the new name will come along with more entertainment and literally, Something for everyone.

"Without abandoning our legacy or our core audience, we needed to cultivate a distinct point of view with a name that we could own that invites more people in and recognizes our broader range of programming with literally something for everyone," Dave Howe explained. "Syfy allows us to build on our 16-year heritage of success with a new brand built on the power that fuels our genre: the imagination. Syfy ushers in a new era of unlimited imagination, exceptional experiences and greater entertainment that paves the way for us to truly become a global lifestyle brand."

Syfy will stay with it's original roots and have Science Fiction but will also be opening to a broader range of people with more entertainment and ideas put in the same channel.. in other words, "Imagine Greater".

My Thoughts On The Sci-Fi To Syfy Change

My personal notes on this change range and vary. I am sad to see Sci-Fi go but will not fret over it, change comes and goes on a normal bases, it's a part of life. Personally I think changing their name so people can spell it is ridiculous, however... an own able trademark is a different story.

Sci-Fi was for science fiction, Syfy is for everyone, while I can see the want to appeal to everyone.. I think that in this change it's like going from a favorite book store to Wal-Mart... in general it may be good.. but their favorite people can still carry disappoint.


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    • Cam Anju profile image

      Cam Anju 8 years ago from Stoughton, Wisconsin

      No problem rawus.. thanks!

      cindyvie, I enjoy Dr. Who and Eureka. lol!

    • cindyvine profile image

      Cindy Vine 8 years ago from Cape Town

      Have to be honest, I try and avoid sci-fi as it gives me nightmares!

    • profile image

      ralwus 8 years ago

      This is my wife's favorite channel and I only just noticed the change. Thanks for explaining it all so well.