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Top 9 Science Fiction Shows Canceled To Soon

Updated on July 11, 2017

Space: Above and Beyond

A 1990's American Science Fiction Show that was set in the years 2063-2064. Its main focus was the lives of marines fighting an intergalactic war.

Originally planned to run for five seasons it was canceled by Fox after its first.


Set in 2517 this Sci-Fi Western was canceled by FOX after only 11 of the 15 produced episodes had aired.

Star Trek

Although the original series spawned a lot of spin-offs and movies it only lasted for 3 seasons before being canceled. In fact it nearly did not get on the air at all as the first pilot was said to be to far fetched due to it having a female in the first officer role and an alien on the ship. But it was accepted after the alien replaced the female in the role of second in command. (Not sure how that worked but it did.)

Stargate Universe

Set on an ancient starship, this continuation of the Stargate story only lasted for for two seasons. It has still not been fully resolved even though there was talk of a movie in the works.


This Australian Science Fiction show managed 4 seasons before being canceled. It revolved around a NASA Astronaut that gets flung across the universe ending up in the middle of a war that is not his to fight.

The series was produced by Jim Henson Productions who's Creature Shop created two of the main characters.

Tru Calling

This series was canceled by Fox before its story could be wrapped up. There were 25 episodes made but only 24 were shown.

Dark Angel

In this post apocalyptic science fiction show by James Cameron, Jessica Alba played genetically engineered soldier Max, who was on the run from a shadow government.

It lasted for 2 seasons before being canceled by Fox.

Crime Traveller

This 1997 BBC crime drama saw a cop team up with the daughter of a scientist who had created a time machine.

The series was not renewed after its first but it did get 8 million viewers watching regularly.



This prequel to the updated Battlestar Galactica series gives us the back story for the creation of the Cylons and those involved in their creation and the Battlestar series.

We learn about a tragedy that Bill Adama suffered as a child and watch as he and other characters come to terms with it.

The show did not even last a full season before being canned by SyFy.

The Main Culprit

Fox seems to be the main culprit when it comes to canceling shows before they have even had a chance to shine. The main problem was scheduling of shows by Fox.Most of those they canceled were aired on a Friday night.


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    • scifidimension profile image

      scifidimension 3 years ago from United States

      Star Trek (the original series) is one show that was cancelled early but it gave a big impact on the pop culture. I also know Stargate Universe too, but other shows are new to me so they're worth investigating. Nice and really original hub. Will share.