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Scrolling through "Fake Book"

Updated on July 6, 2015

Taking Statuses and Posts with a grain of salt....

As a special needs mom, I have found myself scrolling through social media far more than I care to admit. Recently, we spent a weekend with very little internet access. It was a wonderful, and relaxing few days. As I returned to my laptop to catch up on the news of the world and the activities of my friends, I looked at most of the words on the screen and heard "chatter" in my head. No, I am not having hallucinations, I am simply responding to the fact that approximately 75% of what I am reading while I scroll is sheer, utter gibberish and nonsense.

I happen to know that many turn to social media, especially a site such as Facebook to feel connected. Many people are isolated for various reasons, sometimes it is self inflicted, other times it is not. However, I think of these people and wonder how there are not more suicides linked to Facebook. I mean think about are a depressed man or woman. Sitting in your home, perhaps you have lost your job. There maybe "final notice" letters are all around you. You decide to click on Facebook, hoping to find some shred of hope to get you through your most darkest hours. You open your feed and you are greeted with: Just returned from our fourth trip to Europe. The Queen herself greeted us at the airport. Had a limo waiting to escort us to Buckingham Palace. Complete with pictures of this happy, grinning, hugging family all decked out in their designer clothes with expensive haircuts and bleached teeth. Scroll down further....SO happy to finally be sitting next to my pool, next we will be cooking a gourmet dinner followed by drinks in the hot tub. We are exhausted after our month long stay in Bermuda. Need I continue? Look at me! I have lost 50 pounds in two months! I am taking this miracle pill and even my hair and nails are gorgeous. I feel the years dripping from me. As my brilliant son heads off to enjoy his full scholarship to Harvard, I will be able to start my new career with my new look!

Yes, yes...I know. We should share our good news. No one wants to read the moans and groans. We get annoyed when someone actually takes to social media to complain about life's realities and inconveniences. Oh no, they are such a bummer...imagine...not only posting about perfect and beautiful things.

Obviously, I am exaggerating. But this is what it seems like. I too, am guilty of being the boastful mom on Facebook. But I must confess. I am followed by the "Facebook police". I kid you not. If I dare to post anything that might suggest that I am depressed, worried, or facing any sort of truth in my life, the lights are buzzing, the alarms are sounded. I get phone calls from my mother or other family members after they were informed of my postings on Facebook. So I stay focused on my children. I love them, they are pretty good kids, so why not? I am sure I am put down for that as well, but we can't please everyone. It is definitely better than the ridiculous political memes that many of my friends who are still in the mindset that political parties mean anything anymore love to share. I certainly hope these are for entertainment sake and not taken as gospel....hmmmm

At any rate. Let's not forget. Behind every smile, there are tears to match. Friends may choose only to share the happy times in their lives. You know what, that is okay. Most people are not interested in dirty laundry, not in the hamper, nor in social networking. If you want to be depressed simply go to your television set and turn on a news station, problem solved! Try not to take to heart what you are reading on social media. think about how many things your life has to offer. Remember that much of what you read on "Fake book" is simply that...stories. Sweet, little short stories with photos attached. Suck in the joy, spit out the envy. No one's life is perfect, they simply have decided to try to get past the darkest moments by remembering and focusing on something good. Give it a try. This too shall pass.


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