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Season 10 of UK Shameless On Netflix in May

Updated on May 6, 2015

US Fans Can Now View Late-Series Episodes of UK Shameless

Frank Gallagher (David Threlfall). Be glad he's not your neighbor or, worse still, relative.
Frank Gallagher (David Threlfall). Be glad he's not your neighbor or, worse still, relative.
Frank hates work and it shows...
Frank hates work and it shows...

The episodes, among the latter in the series, should have been available much sooner (in my opinion) because the show ended in its native country two years ago.

There is a US version thanks to Showtime and it is a fine show.

Perhaps logistical and contractual difficulties between the two caused the lag.

Whatever the reason, it is unfortunate because fans who found the UK Shameless on the video-streaming giant have only been treated to nine seasons of episodes (about 120) when there were officially eleven seasons and 139 episodes on UK’s Channel 4, an independent network.

For the unfamiliar, Shameless, (created by writer-producer Paul Abbott) was a comedy-drama about the life and times of Frank Gallagher (masterfully played by David Threlfall), a booze-guzzling, drug-taking “lay about” whose wife abandoned him and their handful of wild and wooly kids. He was always “a bit of a lad” for ladies not particular in their choice of company and he was known for the occasional “ducking and diving” though it was a bit too much like work.

Though Shameless revolved largely around Frank, the show featured an ensemble cast of family members and characters who lived in and around the fictitious Chatsworth Housing Estate in Manchester, England, the UK’s second largest city that’s known for many things, including its crime rate.

Shameless, replete with nudity, salty language and violence, brought equal parts laughter and pain to each episode.

In some ways, Shameless was a bit of an adult soap opera (considered so by critics) because of the large cast and multiple storylines woven through each episode. However, unlike soaps, it could dole out equal parts laughter and pain. Also, in addition to inter-personal matters, it fearlessly delved into social and cultural issues.

To say the show was critically-acclaimed would be disrespectful.

During its run, Shameless won a boat load of nominations and honors, including awards for acting and writing as well as a B.A.F.T.A Best Drama award.

Many of the cast members have gone on to further their acting careers by appearing in successful TV series and films.

James McAvoy, a Scottish actor who appeared in the early episodes, has since garnered international film success and, on a personal note, met his future wife, Anne-Marie Duff, when they both acted on the show. They have a five year old son.

For those who know of it through its American-based counterpart or for those who’ve not watched, it’s a great time to check out the original.

Keep in mind, the show is full of everything that requires viewer discretion.

Should that not be an issue, (the UK) Shameless is quite the binge-watching treat.

For Shameless fans...which is your favorite version

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Mr. and Mrs. James McAvoy
Mr. and Mrs. James McAvoy


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