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Season of the Witch - Movie Review

Updated on June 23, 2011

Season of the Witch is another film going with the popular fantasy theme. It is set in the time of the religious crusades and witch hunts. The main characters are Behmen (Nicolas Cage) and Felson (Ron Perlman). They have been fighting in the crusades for about a decade, when they accidently kill some innocent people. For Behmen this is the end and he convinces Felson to leave with him. Behmen claims to still believe in God, but no longer in the church. So they desert the armies of the church. But they get caught in the city of Marburg, and are sent on a mission to repent their sin. The Plague has been killing the people. The Church elders have caught a witch (Claire Foy), who has confessed to being responsible for this plague. She needs to be taken to a monastery in the mountains for a fair trial. Behmen does not believe the girl is guilty, and he puts together a crew to escort the prisoner to the monastery. His crew consists of the priest Debelzaq (Stephen Campbell), their guide Hagamar (Stephen Graham), a few knights, and on their way they pick up the boy Kay (Robert Sheehan), who wants to become a knight. Their journey is a dangerous one, and their faith gets tested on the way. And while Behmen strongly believes the girl is innocent, along the way doubts start to take over.

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This film of director Dominic Sena is not very strong. The story about knights of the crusades losing their faith could be an interesting one, but it isn’t played out well enough. It could have been a great adventurous film, but again, it doesn’t quite get there. At times it is funny, but usually not when it was meant to be, but because the events taking place are too surreal. Like the monster in the end, who has a very strong accent, or the way the monster puts his wings around someone and burns them from the inside out. I don’t think this was meant to be laughed at. It could have been a great film if it had been clearer about what it wanted to be, but instead it is just mediocre.

Nicolas Cage’s acting seems rather uninspired. Ron Perlman is ok, but he doesn’t shine. Claire Foy, who plays the girl accused of being a witch, tries a little harder. But her role consists mostly of sitting in a cage and smiling mysteriously. Robert Sheehan, as Kay, also seems to be more eager to play his part well. Maybe this is because they are still young and fairly unknown, and they feel they still need to prove themselves.

All in all the movie is alright, but do not expect greatness. It is good for a night in with easy films.

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