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Secret History of the Freemasons

Updated on August 29, 2011

Documentary about the Freemasons

I am deeply interested in secret societies and conspiracy theories. I actually have a lot of documentaries here in my laptop right now one of them is Bermuda Triangle Exposed which I've already written about and I'm planning to write about all others I'll be watching so watch out for that. I got a lot of interesting documentaries with similar topics so if you like what I've been watching so far then be sure to come back for more.

I just finished watching Discovery Channel's Secrets History of the Freemasons. I started getting interested in the Freemasons because of Dan Brown's books that really popularized the conspiracy theories. All the secrecy and symbolism really entices my curiosity. It's so weird how this social club has a bunch of adults playing dress up and acting out weird rituals and it really makes me wonder about what's really going on.

Aside from that, Freemasons are very influential. A lot of people who had a significant role in history are Freemasons and this is discussed deeply in the documentary that I just watched. Even here in the Philippines, where I live, a lot of people who changed history were Freemasons. What's up with that, right?

I actually had a professor in web design and computer arts who is a Freemason. He doesn't really hide it. He has bumper stickers and wears the ring and from time to time would tell stories to the class about freemasonry. For our web design class, he even used the grand lodge of the Philippines website as an example. If you go to their website you'll see what I mean about the weirdness of it. It'll really make you curious.

There's one part in the documentary that I found funny. The narrator was talking about examples of influential and powerful people who are Freemasons and then at the very end of his list he mentioned that the founder of Wendy's is a Freemason, quite funny.

Luckily, I found a video on YouTube of the documentary that I can share here. I don't think it's gonna last long though with all the copyright stuff.

Structure of Freemasonry and Allied Organizations
Structure of Freemasonry and Allied Organizations
Freemason Logo
Freemason Logo
Masonic Symbolism in Dollar Bill
Masonic Symbolism in Dollar Bill

Documentary Review

One thing I hate about the documentary is that at the very last part, it retracts everything it ever said and attempts to abolish different conspiracy theories related to freemasonry. So yeah, it's really weird. I mean, if the Freemasons did allow cameras inside their lodge, what guarantees that they really showed the true rituals and processes they are involved in. Why would they reveal their secrets? Of course it was all just set up and only fools will believe that everything that was shown on the last part of the documentary was true.

Being a libertarian, I noticed that masons had involvement in expanding the size and scope of government because US presidents like Roosevelt and Harry Truman were actually Freemasons. Roosevelt's New Deal was involved a lot of government expansion and economic intervention while Truman played a big role in the creation of the CIA and the United Nations. I don't think there're any coincidences there. Could this be part of some sort of New World Order plan? Hahaha. Well, we can't know for sure but it's just so weird that these things happen and surely Freemasons have special interests and involvement.

Of course it depends what level of clearance you have or what position you are in the Freemasons. There are many different levels and were not even sure if these levels or "degrees" that are published out there is in fact what the Freemasons really use. It's mostly just speculation and what the Freemasons release. So just like I said, it will make no sense for them to reveal their secrets.

I wonder how they do the whole recruitment thing. I researched before and supposedly all you have to do is apply. You've probably seen the "2B1ASK1" logo or bumper sticker somewhere. But I doubt that you'll get to know the real high level secrets even if you become a Freemason. As I have said, I'm sure only the highest of the pyramid are those who can know the real secrets of what they're really protecting and their true agenda.

George Washington wearing full masonic regalia during the laying of cornerstone of US government
George Washington wearing full masonic regalia during the laying of cornerstone of US government
Structure of the Freemasons
Structure of the Freemasons

History of Freemasons

Here's a funny video of John Safran making fun of Freemason secrets. He's one of my favorite documentary filmmakers. I especially like his entries to the Australian TV show Race Around the World. I think those are in YouTube as well. I just remembered this video after watching the Discovery Channel documentary and figured it's only proper for me to share it here as well. He goes around with his dad's friend who is a Freemason. It shows that the Freemason guy even got discount for the restaurant where they ate just for being a free and accepted Mason.

Positions in Freemasonry
Positions in Freemasonry

Discovery Channel's Secrets History of the Freemasons Documentary

It's a really a fun thing to research about all the conspiracy theories regarding the secrets in freemasonry. What are you waiting for? Watch the documentary now! It's really very interesting and good way of passing your free time. You get to learn more at the same time you are entertained.

If you liked this post then be sure to come back here in my HubPages account for more. I have a bunch of other documentaries here in my laptop that I will be writing about as soon as I get to watch them. All I'm planning to do is watch documentaries and write. It's really such a productive thing and fun at the same time.


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