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Secret Life -- Amy's More Bitchier Than Usual

Updated on April 17, 2012

Amy's generally a bit of a snot-nose but she's really amped it up to the point everyone notices she's even more so than usual. Ricky thinks it's PMS, but the problem is Amy hasn't had her monthly visitor and she's worried she could be pregnant again.

I will give the show this, they actually handled the story in a responsible manner. They didn't try the old, "Oops, I forgot to take my pill," route. Amy is still taking her birth control but Ricky wanted to stop using condoms now that they're engaged. So Amy's worried the pill didn't work and she might be pregnant.

Meanwhile, Ann's got her own worries. Because of some comment George made, Ann's afraid she might be gay. That she might be attracted to Nora. Nora suggests Ann is just having a mid-life crisis. Ann wants to take a vacation to Europe and take the baby with her; something George is opposed to.

Ben is still trying to get in Dylan's parents' good graces so they'll let him date her. Unfortunately, he goes into TMI territory by revealing Leo was married to a hooker. This causes them to once again declare that Ben just isn't good enough for their precious daughter.

Meanwhile, Leo is dealing with the shyster Betty hooked up with and who sent him the photos of him with Camille. He writes out a three million dollar check to Betty and says if she's the woman he thinks she is, she'll return it to him and the shyster will get nothing.

Adrienne's boyfriend, Omar, says all she thinks and talks about is sex. He feels for them to have a real relationship that works, there has to be more than sex. So he gets her to tell him more about herself. She talks about her aspirations to become a lawyer.

Meanwhile roomie Grace calls up Jack wanting to have sex with him. However, when he comes, condoms in hand, she admits she only wants to do it because she's mad at her father. She also admits that's why she had sex the first time with Jack, because she was mad at her father. Why does Jack even want her back? She treats him like crap. And her name should be Graceless not Grace.

Jack better get ready for another booty call from Grace, because Kathleen comes home and she's brought Graceless' illegitimate half-brother with her and Grace is not a happy camper.

Lauren sort of admits to Amy she misses Madison. Too much of Amy without someone to balance her snottiness out isn't a good thing. But she immediately buttons her mouth when Amy wanted her to repeat what she said and she thinks it's wise not to repeat it.

Anyway, Amy finally tells Ricky she could be knocked up again. He goes out to get her a pregnancy test, but when he gets home Amy is eating ice cream and back to her less snottier normal self and happy that she was just late. But they both agree that it's back to wearing a condom for Ricky.

Betty gives Leo back his check, which restores his faith in her and he calls up Dylan's parents to say he wasn't married to a prostitute. He also tells Ben if he isn't good enough for them, then they aren't good enough them, either.

I guess my favorite Amy moment of the night had to be her wanting be engaged but not wanting to get married, since most people become engaged because they want to get married. If she doesn't want to get married, why the obsession to get engaged. Why not let things hang the way they were. Oh, I forgot, she wanted to become engaged because she wanted the ring. There's no one else quite like Amy, thank God.


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