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See Me- '09

Updated on July 27, 2011

 Just close your eyes

Tell me what do you see?

Open your eyes and describe it to me.

You know I've been hurt, but tonight-

Tonight it's alright.



Just close your eyes.

Why do you see?

There in the dark, i know you see me.

Under the stars, there are no lies.

Here in the night, I see the sun.

Here in the dark, there's no place to run.

So just close your eyes now

And see this moment for yourself.

Just close your eyes

And tell me you see me.


I don't want any more lies

With conviction in your eyes.

I'm sitting alone thinking of you.

So close your eyes and tell me

That you know it's true.



I know in the end, you won't choose me

But until then, I'll try to make you see.

(Chorus x2)


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