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Watching Seinfeld Never Gets Old

Updated on June 30, 2019

Seinfeld is a comedy show people still watch, even though the last episode aired in 1998. The variety of silly and odd situations that the characters end up in is one of the charms of the show. Unlike many shows of today that eventually fade into memory, Seinfeld is a series that continues to amuse and delight. Many people even reference Seinfeld episodes as a way to poke fun at stressful situations in life. The characters all have certain things that draw us to them, and each one is quirky in his or her own ways. Elaine is cool because she is attractive enough to hang out with any man she wants, but she chooses to pal around with Jerry, Kramer, and George, who are not exactly the most handsome men on the block. Elaine gets into understandable situations such as not wanting to see the English Patient, to which I can totally relate because I was dragged to that movie two times against my will. She never seems to quite find what she is looking for, and sometimes I think she would have been happier if she had ended up with Jerry.

Jerry is very OCD in ways always, which always lead to awkward situations. In one episode he drops his girlfriend's toothbrush in the toilet and is too afraid to tell her, so he just lets her use it anyway. Later on, Jerry does not want to kiss his girlfriend because she has brushed her teeth with toilet water, which results in more funny and odd situations. However, I always wondered why Jerry wore shoes in his apartment if he was so fastidious because it would have been more hygienic not to wear dirty shoes in the house. Many people can relate to Seinfeld because we all know someone who seems OCD about cleanliness, but who is slightly contrary to the rules which they follow.

George is the most deluded and egocentric of the bunch. He is very full of himself and he acts like he cannot get a long-term girlfriend because of his looks. Appearances are not everything, but George often judges women on their looks when he is not a model himself. In one episode George decides he will be asked out if he pretends to be married at a party. Ironically, all the women at that party like bald, short men and tell him they cannot go out with him because he is married. This could only happen to George because he is delusional enough to believe he is a catch. Also, I never understood why George wanted to break off his engagement with Susan when he finally found a woman who was interested in him. George is one of those contradictions that keep you laughing.

Kramer is the fun and zany one of the bunch. He always comes up with schemes to make money so he does not have to work. One of the funniest episodes is where Kramer goes ballistic when he feels he cologne "The Beach" was stolen by Calvin Kline and renamed "The Ocean." However, Kramer regains his composure when asked to model in a Calvin Kline underwear commercial. Another great episode is when Kramer decides to "retire" after they make a movie based on his coffee book, so he moves to Florida and becomes the neighbor of Jerry's parents. The characters on Seinfeld never cease to make us laugh as they continue to get themselves into sticky and bizarre situations. Seinfeld is one of the greatest comedies of all time, and no show on TV today can compete with being entertaining as Jerry and the gang were back in the 1990s.

Elaine is a very interesting lady and I have to say she must be pretty cool to remains friends with Jerry after they broke up because I could not do such a thing. I love how Elaine is not afraid to express her opinion about things, such as when everyone wanted to see the English Patient and she did not want to. This is one of the episodes I can relate to the most because I had a friend who dragged me to that thing and I was in agony for over two hours. Everyone said what a wonderful performance, but all I could remember was has bored I was. It was not even a great love story, so I really could relate to this episode when Elaine did not want to go see it. Another thing I found funny about Elaine was the episode when the Jewish men were finding her very attractive, but hello Elaine, all of your best friends are Jewish. Elaine is an enigma that really I never could figure out. However, I never watched the show for Elaine herself, and I preferred watching the interactions between Kramer, George, and Jerry. Like the puffy shirt scene with Jerry, which remains one of my favorite to this day.

George's parents are like the obnoxious parents of the friends you used to know growing up, but let us just pretend you still knew those people. I used to know a boy whose parents were very similar to George's parents because they always had something to argue about for the sake of arguing. George's mom loves to bait George's dad so they will both fight, but I think George's dad would be okay if he was on his own, which happens when his parents get divorced. I especially love the episode where Elaine uses George's dad as an interpreter at the nail salon, which results in him bumping into his long lost love. If only George's dad had taken off his shoes he may have ended up with his Korean sweetheart, but things were thwarted with an accidental slip of his hand. Leave it to one of these characters to mess up a once in a lifetime opportunity. Seinfeld is the show to watch if you want to focus on nothing for awhile, but it is really something indeed!

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