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Reasons to Watch Seklusyon

Updated on January 7, 2017

During the Christmas season, Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) is very popular in the Philippines. The Metro Manila Film Festival is usually composed of different movies which famous actress and actors usually stars and competes with each other to achieve the highest most watched film. This December 2016, it was decided that indie movies will be prioritized to be shown during the season to give more importance to the country's own products.

Seklusyon was one of the movie that is shown during the MMFF and has achieved the highest most watched film. Seklusyon (Filipino for seclusion) is about four young men that is at their last stop before priesthood. During their seclusion, they are visited by their sins of the past. When they are visited from their sins of the past, their sins always makes them feel guilt, remorse and pain. Then there's a little girl who can cure other people's illnesses and can remove their pain, guilt and remorse. Other people, think she's a messiah, because she can cure them. It turns out that the little girl is not a messiah, but the opposite itself, it turns out that she was a demon in disguise of a messiah.

Seklusyon wasn't just a horror film, it was a film that speaks so many truths. Through my whole life, I can consider Seklusyon as one of the movies that is very realistic. It isn't the story that captures me, but the lessons it provides for the watchers. I wasn't a very religious person, but the film was so relatable and can speak to you in so many levels that it even got to me.

Seklusyon deserved the highest rating for it speaks a lot of truth that most of us doesn't even realize and it is one of the movies that are so realistic that it doesn't only connect about faith, but also in real life problems and happenings too.

One of the lesson that this film, focused on was the faith of the priests. Often times, the priests chose what is convenient for them, they chose what is best for them, they chose what will remove their guilt, remorse and pain. They lost their faith and gave in to the demon. Often times, we are also faced with this kind of decision. We have to choose between what is right that is hard or what is wrong that is easy. Most people would choose what is convenient for them, even though they know it's wrong. This film makes you realize all the wrong doings that most of us have committed and is still committing through this day.

It is truly a very horrifying movie, not because of the scenes, but because of the reality of it that the movie portrays and if you think about it, what the movie is portraying really is happening everyday to all of us and we are all ignorant about it. For me, the movie was a great one, because of the horrifying reality it made me realize.

I hope you watch the movie and make the same realizations I had.


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