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Selfies Much?

Updated on December 7, 2015

Feeling ugly?

So i was thinking about people who take "selfies" and when I take them myself. It seems like the world we live in is constantly needing approval or acceptance. I was thinking about the young ladies that take "selfies" to see how many "likes" they can get.

It seems as though if they feel rejected or ugly if they don't get a certain number of "likes" or a "like" from that one person and wanted to shed some light on this subject.

I know some ladies and guys do just out of fun, not really needing a "like" to feel nice but for those girls and guys out there that might think that they need to prove something or look a certain way to be beautiful I want to tell you; YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. God made each and every one of us in his image, and I don't believe that his creation will ever be anything less than perfect.

It's normal for everyone to feel like they need to be loved or need to hear that they are amazing, but don't let feelings of rejection take over and change your mind of who you are.

I have learned this over time and have grown to accept my flaws, because in the end God looks at your heart, nothing else. Yes it's important and nice to hear nice things, but always remember that God made you exactly how you are. To him, you are the apple of his eye, his most prized possession, his child.

I encourage you to turn to him and read his letter (the Bible). The word of God will fill that void that you may feel. Don't try to fill that space with sex, money, drugs, or people. Nobody or object can fill your spirit up like God.

Having peace

When you truly know who you are to God your perspective on many things change. If you know that you are a child of God you no longer need any man's or woman's approval.

I know that it can be tough in this world full of imperfections but keeping your eyes on Jesus is the best way to feel like you are loved and you know that he accepts you with all your sins, mistakes, and impurities.

Look to him for peace and security within your self and you will discover a world that is like no other. A life full of hope, love, and peace like no other.

The Year of the Selfie

Seemingly overnight, the humble selfie has become nothing short of a phenomenon.

Millions are shared each and every day across all the major social media platforms. Indeed, according to data from Samsung, selfies make up almost one-third of all photos taken by people aged 18-24, with Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat bearing the brunt of that load.

And, of course, last month Bradley Cooper’s Oscars selfie become Twitter’s most retweeted post of all time.

Selfies are most popular in Australia, followed by the U.S. and Canada. Infact, a 2013 Survey found that 2/3 of Australian women between the age 18-35 take selfies.

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