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Semi Pro

Updated on December 25, 2012

Every week I attend the movie theater because I like motion pictures and I find it to be a small way I can relax at the end of the week. I also like to watch films as a mental exercise. I try to Objectively determine if the film is good, meaning whether or not it meets Objectivist standards; however, most films are not even remotely close to expressing Objectivist themes, so I usually try to rearrange the film or add to the film to make it better. In a way film provide me with enjoyment on two levels: (1) I find it relaxing (2) I find it to be a stimulating mental exercise.
This week the film I saw was Semi-Pro, which I give a whopping one star. Semi-Pro falls under the same category/genre of other Frat Pack comedies like Anchorman, Dodge Ball, Starsky & Hutch, Zoolander, Blades of Glory, Talladega Nights, 40 Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, etc. I find the majority of these Frat Pack comedies hysterical, but they are usually a hit or miss; there is never an in between or decent comedy. Semi-Pro was a miss for three major reasons. Firstly, the beginning was slow, the middle was slow, and the ending was at best a light jog. The reason Semi-Pro lagged was largely because much of the film was sappy and sentimental and only moderately funny. Sentimental and comedy also work against one another so it is difficult to incorporate both into a film. The reason Semi-Pro was too sentimental is because it took too much of a generic sports film approach, like Remember the Titans. In the beginning all the players are selfish; thus, the team never wins. However, the team members reform their ways, become selfless, and they win big. The win big at the end of the movie is actually a funny joke, but this generic sports idea of selflessness over selfishness is an annoying and disturbing fallacy. The film would have obviously been better if it poked fun at selfless teams, but it did not, it followed suit, so it was no good. The problem with selfless team members is that it is basically a lie, and just perpetuates bad life styles by adding to the monotonous droning demand of altruism is virtue. As I understand it everyone behaves selfishly anyway even when they say they are being altruistic; I just want people to realize that and embrace their selfishness because it is the more logical way to live one's life. In any event these players remain selfish because though they may pass the ball more they are really just behaving logically. People play sports to win; winning is the reward for controlling one's body well, and some people like disciplining their body to a sport. Therefore, by passing the ball the player is not being selfless he is just logically understanding the game. He sees that he can win if he gives the ball to a player closer to scoring a goal. Aside from lying Semi-Pro does not even show the team's alleged transformation from selfishness to selflessness. Not enough of their mistakes were shown before the transformation to contrast to their new playing ability. The second problem with Semi-Pro was the characters were not ridiculous enough. Frat Pack comedies always have over the top characters such as the entire news team in Anchorman, Ben Stiller and Rip Torn in Dodge Ball, Will Ferrell in Starsky & Hutch, etc. In Semi-Pro the somewhat ridiculous characters were Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon and Will Arnet as Lou Redwood; however, these characters did not even come remotely close to the ones I previously mentioned. The final problem with Semi-Pro concerned the female lead Maura Tierney as Lynn. In Anchorman, Christina Applegate as Veronica Corningstone played a huge role in the development of the plot. This is also true for Christine Taylor in Dodge Ball and Zoolander. Maura Tierney barely appeared in the film. He connection to the plot was limited. She was also in some strange sex scene with Woody Harrelson which did not develop the plot or comedy. The two highlights of the film, though only marginally funny, are the bear fight and the Flint Michigan Megabowl press conference.


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