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Sergio Michel, The Genuine Serge From Jersey...!

Updated on May 23, 2012
The Serge, kind of busy...!
The Serge, kind of busy...! | Source

We rarely sponsor people that doesn't need our support, because they are already out there and whatever we could add or say, wouldn't mean nothing to them. In the course of our journey, we've bumped into all kind of people and situations. We have been all over and have met interesting and hard working people. This time we were lucky to get to know this artist; we could say a 'showman' with a heart. His name: Sergio Michel.

Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, 'The Serge' always wanted to be in the limelight. How can we tell? Well, His wit and his strong and rhythmic voice give him up easily. Sergio feels that a lot of his natural and physical talent comes from his grandfather, Sergio Michel Paoli, and from his father, Triple A Baseball League Player, who is also named Sergio Michel Just imagine to be born across the Hudson river, where Sinatra Walked by. By the way, he has Italian in his blood.

International Guitar Personality

Sergio has worked and collaborated musically in various degrees with artists such as Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple/Rainbow/Yngwie Malmsteen), Metal Mike Chlasiak (Pain Museum/Halford), Sebastian Bach (Skid Rowe), Ugandan activist Omona Tempra and model/actress Monika Gaba. His latest Album 'Marry me Cindy,' will be out on May 22, 2012. You are not in Jersey anymore Sergio!

Courtesy of Sergio Michel
Courtesy of Sergio Michel | Source

We wanted to ask Sergio a lot of questions and... wanted to know the man behind the Ring Announcer.

Besides musical pursuits, Sergio has also done his share of feature film acting, product demonstration, event hosting, script writing for network television, editorial writing, and recording engineering/ mastering. He has also worked as a talk radio jock, as a highly successful agent in various large US markets, and is Celebrating the 2nd Season of his Reality TV Show, 'Sergio' Blog', where he interviews and showcases celebrities, such as Michael Lohan, Yngwie Malmsteen, Lita Ford, Cochrain, Michelle 'Bombshell' Mcgee, Sonja Tremont-Morgan, Alex McCord, Simon Van Kempen, Anders Sydborg and Christina Calph.


The Interview

We were invited by Sergio to Fort Lauderdale FL, on an informal interview. His schedule has been hectic lately... and to say the least, he was kind enough to share with us, this Sergio behind the Showman. We were surprised by his charisma and his open mind. By the way, he was playing a tune from The Ventures "Walk Don't Run," when he opened the door of his House to us.

"Great Car Sergio!(on his driveway) You seem to be flying high as we sensed it, but let's go straight to business."

"Sure Lord! Anything to drink?"

"Just a 'sangria' would make our day..."

He invited us politely to sit down and relax next to a custom made swimming pool of his own. For some weird reason we felt like 'Antonio Tony Montana!' We guess, we caught up with the vibes...!


1) Why a Guitar Player?

I had to settle for the position of professional guitar shredder, because they ran out of openings for 'Middle-Management' at the Mafia.

2)Sure, we gotcha! Who were your mentors, I mean... who believed in you?

I have been very fortunate to have many very accomplished and successful people believing in me. I have gotten great advice and learned much from my friends Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple/Yngwie Malmsteen/Rainbow), Mike Vescera (Animetal/Loudness/Obsession) & his wife Maureen; Metal Mike Chlasciak (Halford/Pain Museum); Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) & his ex-wife Maria; and many others. I am also very fortunate to have the constant encouragement of my father; my Grandfather Sergio Michel-Paoli (Hall Of Fame Athlete/Winner of over 300 Gold Medals) and my Grandma Bibi. I also thank the many fans and press that are supporting my latest release, 'Marry Me, Cindy.'

3) Our readers know our funny side. So here is the quick Quiz: You are from jersey if...? (Fill the blanks)

a) Everywhere you go, mob-wives say to you, "I can tell you have some Italian in you! Who are you here to kill?".

b) You judge an Italian Restaurant by how good their Pasta Fagioli is.

4) Did we meet our match? Okay!! Carlos Santana, Jimmy Hendrix , David Gilmour or Keith Richards. Any another influence?

None of the above, LOL. My guitar influences are, in no particular order, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eddie Van Halen, Ritchie Blackmore, James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine.

5) Philly Cheese steak, or a Jersey Cheese steak? Any location where you buy your best hoagies?

Tough one,.... back in Jersey, they had 'Pan Con Bistec' that was pretty damn good. A Philly Cheese Steak is a very well planned and elegant thing,... little crisps, melted cheese, some nice sauteed onions, lean shredded steak,... but 'Pan Con Bistec' is basically a slab of unbridled Cuban steak with ACTUAL French Fries, uncooked onion (the type you find freezer burned in a Bodega) and hard Spanish Bread pressed to a somewhat chalky/rubbery texture. How can I choose!?

It's like choosing between a Frambois and a Pabst Blue Ribbon,.... I love 'em both, and each has it's place!! LOL!!! These days, I go to this little Cuban joint in Fort Lauderdale, or head on over to Doral or Hialeah to get me some good ol' Cuban style cuisine sans the cardboard bread of course.

6) We met a comedian, and now he got us hungry. We are still Looking for Jimmy Hoffa... and you?

I have an 'inkling' as to where the exact speed bump in Giants Stadium where he's buried in at,.... but if it's not a speed bump, he most likely became crab food in the Hudson River; let's keep this classy.

7) The worst day in your life?

My WHOLE childhood! LOL!!

8) The happiest?

The day I went to see my entire family all together for the first time in Puerto Rico two summers ago. My Grandfather, Sergio Michel-Paoli is the most inspiring figure I have ever encountered. He, at 82, is still competing in the Triathlon and Marathon event, and won 3 Bronze Medals in CA last year, and 3 Gold Medals in Mayaguez, PR the year before that. Thinking of him and knowing that I am very much like him, makes me feel invincible.

9) Ring Announcer?

Yes, I am the Ring Announcer/Host of Damon Feldman's Celebrity Boxing Organization out of Philly. I did a Celebrity Boxing/Pillow Fighting event with them where I was the Announcer/Comedian/Commentator. Damon liked my performance so much, that he asked me to be on board with CBF for the long haul.

Now, whenever there's a CBF event in my area, I am the host. Big thank you to Damon Feldman, Christine Curran, Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee, Michael Lohan, Nadia Suleman (octomom) and Shaq for their friendship (smiles) A pleasure to know and work with all of ya yahoos!!

10) You forgot to give a 'shout out' to the cleaning staff but is fine! The real story behind 'Marry me Cindy?' Maybe a ticket on the Turnpike?

Ha ha, well, the idea was certainly conceived in Jersey. You are funny Lord! But,.... and you DID NOT hear this from me,... remember, if you squeal,........ I'm from Jersey,.... I know about speed bumps and how to make 'em and such,....... so,...... let's keep it classy,.......!

Legend has it, that this young Rock Star, fell in love with Cinderella, and did everything he could to let her know that him, and only him had her glass slipper.

BTW, here's some Marry Me Cindy trivia: The location portrayed on the album cover, is the roof of The Icon in Miami (CHUCKLES). But don't tell anyone,....... b/c,.. you know,... cement,.... bucket,....feet,....river,... 'nuff said.....

11) What is next for you? We see you next to... another action hero in the next six months... are we wrong?

You are 100% right!!!

Grandma was a psychic so...

"I'm also a Comedic Actor BUT, my favorite type of flicks are action/martial arts. I would say Mafia flicks as well since I have some Sicilian in me: Michel-Paoli n' all...

Plus, I do look good in pin stripes and enjoy doing Sivio Dante/Pauly Walnuts impersonations. Anyone in 'Hollywierd' or the Indy Circuit should wanna cast me in a Martial Arts or War flick?? send me a script. I'm very accessible and always looking to be part of fun projects that involve ass-kickery of any type."

We were glad to have met Sergio and his diverse ethnicity and above all: Citizen of the planet Earth...!

At his Pool...
At his Pool... | Source

Celebrity Boxing 36: Bombshell Mcgee and Michael Lohan from celebrity Rehab.

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A note from our interview... on his FB account
A note from our interview... on his FB account


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