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Sermon Review: Staying in the Game by Pastor Joel Osteen

Updated on October 30, 2012

For the longest I felt guilty about being discouraged, despite being so blessed. Pastor Osteen’s message let me know it’s o.k. to have those feelings, as long as you stay in the game. It’s the same as being on a football field with an injury but giving it your all. For example, the message talked about being discouraged after you didn’t get a big promotion on the job. I learned that you still should show up to work with a smile on your face, because God has a plan for you. Pastor Osteen explained that God knows what you are going through, and he is right by your side in those tough situations.

When sickness strikes, you have to be encouraged about the healing God is going to place on your body. When your significant other lets you down or leaves, you have to know God will fill that void with your perfect match and heal that wound. Pastor Osteen’s message made me feel good about staying in the game when adversity comes my way. God blesses us when we trust in him. I got chills when Pastor Osteen read Isaiah 60:1 (Amplified Bible): Arise from the depression in which the circumstances have kept you; arise to a new life.

When times get rough, you have to stay in the game. Pastor Osteen stated you must have the attitude of, “I’m hurting, but I’m still here.” I believe it was my destiny to hear that powerful message and write this hub. Even though my followers are not many, someone needed to hear this message. I have declared victory over my trials and tribulations, because I have chosen to keep God first and stay in the game. If you would like to hear Pastor Osteen’s powerful message, click the link below:

I hope this review encourages someone to not give up and keep God first. God has the power to move mountains. My life has a new direction, and I thank God for letting me know he is still on the throne. Stay in the game and know that God has a purpose for you. Take care and God bless.

Edgar Alan Cole, M.B.A.


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    • John Alayi profile image

      John Alayi 3 years ago from Brooklyn, New York

      Joel Osteen devotionals is also available at , please visit us to read fresh daily devotions

    • aykianink profile image

      aykianink 5 years ago

      It is always important to keep trying. Even when Life takes a dump on you. Cool stuff, Ed.