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Sexy Shreya in Chikku Bukku pictures

Updated on July 11, 2010
Chikku Bukku shreya pic
Chikku Bukku shreya pic

Tamil movie Chikku Bukku

Sexy South Indian Actress Shreya looks absolutely stunning in these movie stills from Tamil movie Chikku Bukku. Manikandan is the director of Chikku Bukku and is produced by Media One Global Entertainment. Tamil actor Arya, Shreya and Preetika are performing in the lead roles in this movie. The director asserts this is a never before seen kind of movie and a new concept in Tamil film industry. The film is a triangular love story, as it has two heroines. How new! Major part of the film is shot in Austria. Sexy and talented actress Shreya has given her full support and dedication to the role as is seen in these Sexy Shreya in Chikku Bukku pictures.

Chikku Bukku movie photo gallery

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 Chikku Bhukku will be released simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu because of the popularity of the lead stars in both states. Music composed by Colonial Cousins Hariharan-Leslie Lewis. Shreya is playing a bubbly girl Anu in the movie and is more of a  travelogue of two people which starts in London and ends in Karaikudi, a city in the state of Tamilnadu. Preeta Rao, sister of Bollywood actress Amrita Rao is making her debut in the film.

Director Manikandan was once an associate of the late cinematographer turned director Jeeva. The movie is a breezy romantic entertainer with a different theme. The film starts in the backdrops of London and the journey ends in Karaikudi. Shriya's characterization is the best as the entire story revolves around her.

Preetika decided to try her hand at movies when modelling became monotonous. She has also modeled for products like shampoo and toothpaste in countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan.  The lead pair, Arya and Shriya in Chikku Bukku, meets on the train, fall in love on the train and break up in the train. With the train being an integral part of the movie, he decided to name it Chikku Bukku, the sound made by the train like Choo Choo in English.  Arya and Shriya find fault with each other and make matters bad for their relationship. Arya and Shriya were the director's first choice for this characters.

Preetika’s role is a surprise element and the director he had earlier approached Vidya Balan to play this role. Vidya had prior commitments. She had to complete three movies and the team could not wait for her. Shriya looks sizzling in these sexy movies stills of Tamil movie Chikku Bukku which is set to release in August.

Chikku Bukku movie shooting

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      karthika 6 years ago

      you look so pretty andgorgeus

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      Nice Work man

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      Nicely done. Love Shriya's hairdo!