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Shapes - How This Kent Duo Have Already Made a Mark And Are Names To Watch

Updated on October 25, 2016

Shapes Headlining Southbeats Festival


"The S. The H. The A. The P. The E. The S."

Rings over the speakers as a bass heavy tune ripples across an easily 3,000 strong crowd. Being fortunate enough to be stood at the railing at the front, I quickly came onto the realisation that I was in the presence of the DJ scenes newest stars. The potential of these two gentlemen and their decks is limitless, and this excites me. The knowledge that this duo hail from Kent, my home county, is nothing short of inspirational, and after playing slots at festivals all over the country - including the opening set at South West 4 - I highly believe Shapes will be Kent's greatest achievement since Dover castle.

Personal Experience

I was lucky enough - as previously mentioned - to see Liam Jelly and Craig Hayward absolutely destroy a set at Southbeats Festival in Quex Park, Kent on 24th September 2016. This isn't the first time I'd ran into them though.

Craig has previously been a DJ on Academy FM in Folkestone, a local radio station in my area. It was here that I first ran into him. After a bit of wiggling by myself I'd managed to get myself an opportunity to be on the station. Unfortunately, my musical knowledge at the time (I was 14) wasn't quite up to the standards needed to be a radio DJ, especially one who could of potentially followed in Craig's footsteps. This experience however showed me 2 things, firstly, he's an extremely nice guy, and secondly his experience in the music world, his knowledge of it and his ability to DJ were all astronomical.

Unfortunately I am yet to have a run in with Liam, although by all accounts his attributes are much to the same as Craig's. Which is what makes this duo so outstanding. They constantly bring a level of professional to each party that shines through in every set they produce.

Where else can you see them?

They are also known for headline slots at the Source Bar in Maidstone, Kent, as well as the place I've most run into Shapes - Club Chemistry in Canterbury, Kent. A 3 floored nightclub, promoting the best music in the town and outrageously good drink deals week in week out - as well as many entertaining theme nights and high calibre special guests. The boys are often found on the top floor. Ripping it apart with their alien skills, with Craig even stepping up to the microphone on occasions. You're guaranteed - I speak from solid experience - to have the most hyped clubbing experience night of your life when these two are behind the decks.


On a monthly roll, Shapes produce a mix using the facilities at Club Chemistry. They upload said mixes to their Soundcloud, as well a video of their mixing to their Facebook. Every single month without fail, these videos and Soundcloud uploads get the highest compliments and always blow any listener away, if you get the chance, I'd strongly advise visiting their pages on both websites and see for yourself!

Own Production and Self Promotion

As well as perfecting the form of DJ'ing in clubs and at festivals around the country, Shapes also have successfully ventured into producing their own music - again to much acclaim. Currently their Soundcloud has two of their bootlegs uploaded - a Bootleg of Corona's 'Rhythm of the Night', and another of Blinkies 'Don't Give up on Love'. Together these tracks average at around a thousand likes each and around 30k plays on average.

The most impressive thing, however, can also be heard on their Soundcloud page. The duo have had two stints on Radio 1Xtra. Firstly they did a mix for 'Workout Wednesdays' in Febuary and then followed this in August with a 'Midday Mix'. Again be sure to give these a listen.

Are they worth seeing?

After celebrating a fantastic debut year as a new DJ 'project' the current kings of mixing have managed to perform in the above stated festivals and clubs along with playing the Ministry of Sound club in London, At the Races Festival in Brighton and many more. In which they have supported big names such as My Nu Leng, Sub Focus - twice - and many other stars in their genres world. As well as their monthly '#Gassed Mini Mixes' released on their social media accounts reaching thousands of views and only ever receiving the highest of positivity in reviews, you can really see why I believe these two gentlemen and their decks are ones to look out for in the future.

And please, whatever you do, if you get the chance, go and see Shapes Perform. It will blow you away.

What is your Verdict?

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