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Shinee, Korean Band

Updated on February 10, 2013

As shiny as KPop has turned, here’s another Korean band that’s making a big wave in the music scene in Asia, Shinee. Remember that pretty song, “Stand by Me”, from the famous manga series Boys over Flowers? This band has recorded it. Read on and meet the hot band of Korea today and meet the band members of Shinee...

Shinee, pronounced as “shiny” group of five teenage boys, was first launched on May 2008 with their debut album on SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) with promotional single, “Noonan Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)” which literally means "Older Sister, You're So Pretty." The said single debuted at #10 on the Korean music charts and peaked at #8, selling 17,957 copies in the first half of 2008.

Shinee participated in the Dream Concert in the Seoul Olympic Stadium along with other high profile Korean stars such as Epik High, Girls' Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ and the Wonder Girls. The famous band, has won numerous awards namely:

  • Rookie of the Month, at the Cyworld Digital Music Award  (June 22, 2008)

  • Hot New Star award, at the MNet's 20's Choice Awards 2008
  • Mutizen award for the single, “Sanso Gateun Neo (Love Like Oxygen)" on SBS's Popular Songs

  • Best New Artist award, on the 5th Asia Song Festival

  • Best Style Icon Award, on the 2008 Style Icon Awards (October 30, 2008)
  • Best Male Rookie, on the 10th annual MNET KM Music Festival (November 15, 2008)
  • YEPP Newcomer Album on the 23rd Golden Disk Awards (2008)
  • YEPP Popularity Award on the 24th Golden Disk Awards (2009)
  • Best Newcomer on the 18thSeoul Music Awards (2009)
  • BonSang Award on the 19thSeoul Music Awards (2010)
  • New Generation Artiste for the 2ndSingapore Entertainment Awards

Shinee Band Members

Onew (Lee Jinki) – 19, born on December 14, 1989 is the leader of the group, one of the vocalists and the oldest member

Jonghyun (Kim Jonghyun) – 19, born on April 8, 1990, is the main vocalist in the group

Key (Kim Kibum) – 17, born on September 23, 1991, is one of the rappers and vocalists in the group

Minho (Choi Minho) – 17, born on December 9, 1991, is the other rapper in the group

Taemin (Lee Taemin) – 16, born onJuly 18, 1993, is the lead dancer of the group

Shinee, doesn’t only fascinate their fans with their talent in music and dancing. Shinee’s band members became fashion icons that actually started the “Shinee Trend.” Their fashion style which features high-top sneakers, skinny jeans and colorful sweaters has created a big influence especially with the young generation. This has led to numerous product endorsements such as Reebok, Smart, Samsung mobile, and Nana’s B, a famous Korean cosmetic company.

Who's the hottest Shinee member to you?

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    • profile image

      Lee Taeyang 3 years ago

      Lee Taemin is my bias.

      In overall, SHINee is really good. I love them really bad. I knew them first at 2010 on my magazine. I liked Jjong first but after the watching the Ring Ding Dong video, I lose good impression on them. Since then, I never touched KPop again. But this year, I accidentally typed 'cutest KPop guys' on Google and found a list. When I saw Taemin on number three, I almost shrieked how cute is he. I began to like KPop music again since then.

    • profile image

      prazina 4 years ago

      shinee always rocks,love you all.

    • profile image

      Kim En Jel 6 years ago

      Key oppa! ? SHINee fighting~!

    • profile image

      BULGAA 6 years ago


    • Lee Taemin profile image

      Lee Taemin 6 years ago from seoul korea,korean

      they are so HOT!!

    • profile image

      echa 6 years ago

      i loupph u minho ,, i waiting u in here .. indonesia .

    • profile image

      emily 6 years ago

      shinee is the best

    • Lee Taemin profile image

      Lee Taemin 6 years ago from seoul korea,korean


    • profile image

      tenzin choenyi 6 years ago

      am a big fan of this band,i love ur dance n song..i use to watch video of replay 5 times a day,n stand by me is also very good...thank you so much for making such a gud song...we love u a lot..

    • profile image

      dechen 6 years ago

      i love you all saranghe

    • profile image

      christine 6 years ago

      I really really like the look, sound and energy of this group.....

    • profile image

      emna 6 years ago

      you are my sweet angelese

    • profile image

      hana 7 years ago

      hi ilike your band

    • Midasfx profile image

      Midasfx 7 years ago

      Im a huge Kpop fan in general. I have even written a few hubs on the subject myself. SHINee is one of my favorites, Love their song " Up & Down " and " Hello "

    • profile image

      ♡L.T.M 7 years ago


    • profile image

      leetaemin 7 years ago

      ??? ??? ??? ???? ??? ??????!

    • profile image

      kizz 7 years ago

      happy birthday to shinee key.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 7 years ago

      Hello Acer! :)The Koreans always enjoy their own style, technology, music, fashion..It would be great to be in Seoul :)

      Hi Prasetio! I like some Korean songs although I don't understand Korean. When I hear their music, it makes me kinda understand lol

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      I like Korean song. Actually I never know about this band. But I think this was good combination and become great band from Korea. Thank you very much.


    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      It seems the Koreans love their homegrown influences,which is smartly productive;)