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Enough (Movie) Review

Updated on May 7, 2012

In 2002, the film Enough came out starring Jennifer Lopez, known as Slim, who was being abused by her husband but then fought back. Slim is the main character and she works in a restaurant/diner with her best friend Ginny. Slim receives unwelcomed romantic advances from a customer but another customer come to the rescues and tells her that he betted on her the day before and that the guy is a jerk for that. The customer that stood up for later on married Slim and had a daughter named Gracie. Throughout the years, Slim finds out that Mitch (the husband) is unfaithful and was cheating on her with many different women. When she confronts him and threatens to leave, he becomes violent and abusive, slapping and punching her in the face. Mitch tells her that it is a price to pay to have a good life; he brings in the money, so she has to deal with the cheating and other things that marriage brings along. He had promised her love and safety. Because of his actions, Slim developed low self esteem because the man is bringing in the bacon and not her. She is also experiencing fear and terror as a reaction. When Slim approaches her mother in law about the incident, she asks Slim what did she do and what did she say to make him angry. That’s when Slim realized that the mother could be no help to her situation.

A few days later Slim, manages to devise a plan to escape and leaves and takes Gracie even though Mitch does see them and interrupt their escape and her friends that were waiting outside come in to try and rescue her. Mitch tracks her down though to a motel and attacks and kicks her, leaving her in bruises. When she manages to escape, he still hunts her down, freezing her credit cards and forcing her to have her friends help her out financially. A man named Jupiter who is actually Slims father helps her out after she convinces and shows proof that she is his daughter. Two men come and threaten to kill him as he sends her money to her new location and she changes her name to Erin but Mitch still manages to track her down and find her. He is in the new location and attacks Slim while Gracie is a witness and Gracie attacks him but Mitch pushes her away causing her to get hurt. Slim and Gracie manages to get away which leads to a car chase. Eventually Slim goes into hiding, hires a woman who looks like her to keep her cover and send Gracie on a vacation with her best friend to get out of harm’s way. She prepares herself with a self defense trainer who teaches her and trains her to be brave and strong. He told her that, “to win we must prepare for the impossible.” He tells her also that if he hits her, hold on to his voice and awaken when he is about to attack or kick her. She goes to Mitch’s home and traps him there, hiding his guns and blocking his phone lines so he can’t call the police. She provokes him into fighting her and when he manages to get up and attack her from behind with a lamp she uses her training, trips, beats and kicks Mitch in the chest and sends him flying off the balcony to his death. Now that Mitch is no longer a threat, Slim and Gracie reunite.

Slim suffered from battered woman syndrome, the reactions she had were learned helplessness, lowered self esteem, a sense of diminishes alternatives and hyper vigilance. Mitch exploded into an uncontrollable rage, leading to injuries to Slim, making that an acute battering incident. At the first chance Slim, tried to flee the scene of abuse and reacted in protecting her child and learning to protect her then killing her husband for the abuse and turmoil her put her through.


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