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Short Film Review: The Gunfighter

Updated on December 26, 2017

The Gunfighter: A Cocky Narrator Provides the Funniest Western Shoot Out in a While

The Gunfighter A western comedy Short Film Review

there’s something I love about westerns that are so darn fun. So when I went to watch a short film today, I decided I wanted to find some westerns. And I ended up with The Gunfighter directed by Eric Kissack.

The film is surprisingly a comedy. It’s not what I was looking for, but whatever. I’m still reviewing it. And it starts with a gunfighter entering a saloon. And the narrator begins to tell the story of his actions. But it turns out, not only does he hear the narrator, so does everyone else in the saloon. First baffled by the mysterious voice, they seemed confused, but then they soon no longer care about the voices origin and just want it to go away as it becomes a nuisance. The voice continues to go on and on spoiling the gun fight because he reveals the bad guys actions before they pull their guns. People argue with the voice wanting it to shut up. Then the voice reveals embarrassing personal thoughts going through their heads and generally just messes with the people in the story.

The good? This film is genius. It broke the fourth wall much like it did in Stranger than Fiction and made something very creative here. The writing was witty and the jokes were funny here. This actually made me laugh quite a bit. Also the sets and costumes were surprisingly realistic considering it’s a comedy. Usually when it comes to comedies, the film makers don’t care too much about set design and what not. Most of the focus usually goes to the silly plot and jokes. But that was not the case here. They went all the way with a budget. The cast looked like they were about do something serious until the voice popped up.

The bad? Not much to say. I loved this film. It made me laugh and did its job.

Overall it’s a witty smart comedy short that is well worth the watch. Just some of the jokes are a little raunchy, so just don’t let little kids watch it. But as for everybody else, please watch this. It is super funny.

4 flicks out of Four

Overall Rating: A Cocky Narrator Provides the Funniest Western Shoot Out in a While

Other Fact About This Film

Director: Eric Kissack

Run Time: 8:49 Minutes

Genre: Comedy Western

Where To Find It: Youtube

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