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Short Film Review: The Raven

Updated on March 26, 2017

The Fugitive Mixed Robocop Is What This Film Tried To Be

The Raven

After a fun fantasy we’re taking a swan dive back into science. This one is a fugitive tale set in the future. The film in called The Raven and is directed by Ricardo de Montrevill.

The film starts with a man a sleep in a apartment. But when a robot beetle slips in and scans him. The police are alerted that he is a fugitive on the run named Chris Black, who’s also has the alias of The Raven. Corny I know. But bear with me here. I didn’t make that up. The film then follows him as he runs from the classic robot police drones and its revealed he has telekinetic powers.

The good? The effects are fair. And I think the concept they were shooting for was very intriguing.

The bad? The acting wasn’t that great. And as the film started out with such a clear cut concept and great potential, I felt the sky was the limit for this film and they really didn’t do anything the story at all. He just runs and gets away. That’s it. And its wasn’t amazingly exciting. Also there is a scene where a giant mech warrior robot tank comes down alley way and a homeless man tried to tell it off, to make it go away. That’s just dumb. There were machine guns on that thing. There was no way he was that he was so crazy that he thought he could make it go away. Also it shoots him for no reason. It could have walked passed him. I thought these things were part of the police.

Overall, it takes the spark notes version of minority report and tried to make a PG Robocop here. Its not the best of either worlds. Its watchable but very forgettable.

1 1/2 Flicks out of Four

Overall Rating: The Fugitive Mixed Robocop Is What This Film Tried To Be.

Other Facts About This Film

Director: Ricardo de Montreuil

Run Time: 6:08 minutes

Genre: Science Fiction / Action

Where To Find It: Youtube

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