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Short Film Theater: Chiruri

Updated on March 12, 2017

A Beautiful Fairy Tale about Intertwined Fates in a Very Bleak World.

Okay we’re returning to animation for the short film. But this time, it’s all the way Japan. I’m not a big anime fan but this one caught my eye. It’s called Chiruri.

The film focuses on the two separate characters that come together in the bleak city full of shadowy emotionless drone like zombies that shambles up and down the streets. The first character is a boy who has stumbled out of the desert dying of thirst, glad that he found this city. Despite the odd harmless shambling residence, he ventures to find water to only find that the water line is filled with this black ooze that quite possibly might be inducing this zombie like condition on everyone. Then it focuses on a girl who is the last normal person left in this city who seems to not know what is happening to everyone around, but she tries to help by giving them apples to eat instead of the ooze. When she does this, they refuse the apple and hurt her. Not knowing what to do, she cries. She cries so much that the tears puddle beneath her and stretch out down the streets of the city. The boy dying of thirst follow these tears and they come together.

The good? First off this animation is incredible. Its cell shaded CGI to have a cartoon anime look of a Studio Ghibli film. The scenery is muted in colors that becomes more vibrant as the film goes on. It has some incredible oil paint filter on the film because this film looks like a moving painting. I really like the piano score. It’s simple, beautiful, and matches the tone. It has so many fairy tale elements blended into it. It really does make it feel like something familiar despite the odd story. I believe many western viewers will enjoy.

The bad? The ending is a little inconclusive. I like it because it makes me think more about this world and ask what is happening, but I know a lot of people might want something more.

Overall this is an amazingly beautiful sweet little piece that I recommend to anyone who loves animation. You’ll love this even if you’re not anime fan.

4 Flicks out of Four

Overall Rating: A Beautiful Fairy Tale about Intertwined Fates in a Very Bleak World.

Other Facts About This Filme

Director: Kj Kawasaki

Run Time: 8:27 minutes

Genre: Anime / Fantasy

Where To Find It: Youtube

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