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Should "Avengers: Endgame" Have Been More "Game of Thrones"?

Updated on May 15, 2019
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Film (BA) with 7 years experience in online content creation.


Spoilers for Endgame!!!

So anyone who has seen Endgame by now knows that this movies is good, even if you didn't like the film itself you can appreciate what its managed to do in building a huge universe with a huge bounty of characters for you to latch on to.

Endgame was the combined efforts of hundreds of crew and actors, tens of directors and Billions in overall budget and here we are with the big finish, the one huge cinematic even of possibly our generation and it's a 3-hour extravaganza.

However as good as it is I couldn't shake a feeling after walking out of the cinema, like there was something huge missing, and with a big sip of my ice drink and the cold needle of brain freeze hit I realised what it was, “More people should have Died.”


Yes I know they took Iron-Man, Black Widow and sort of Captain America, and I mean do we really think they wont bring back Loki in a heartbeat?

I remember seeing a video on YouTube about a crackpot theory that "Spider-man: far from home" was actually a fake movie and that by the end of Endgame the hero killed by Thanos would remain dead. No this is not a good idea, lets all agree on this that would have been horrible to do and I'm glad we didn't do it, but it would have been more interesting than what happened.

I'm not blood thirsty I just wanted there to be more consequences in this universe, Thanos was supposed to be this world ending titan who's presence was a consistent and oppressive force in the background of the MCU, always looming and always this giant threat that was going to become the biggest problem for everyone.

Keeping Secrets...

They kept everything on set such a secret Tom Holland wasn't even sure he was actually in Endgame and they used this extreme level of discretion and ability to surprise us to just not surprise us at all, okay maybe black widow but that's it.

I mean come on, they hired big names just to hang around on set to throw off any leaks that may occur, filmed entire films worth of fake scenes and had Tom Holland Paired with Benedict Cumberbatch in case one of them talks in an interview, and they use that level secrecy to do very little and honestly its sad they didn't take that leap.

More “Game Of Thrones”?

I know GOT is an adults only TV show and Avengers is a family friendly fun-time Summer Blockbuster but I do have a point here.

One of the things that makes GOT the show that it is is its willingness to kill characters before their time. There is nothing more emptying than your favourites characters arch being cut short as you are forced to realise the meaninglessness of it all, a theme that seems a bit familiar.

Yes this is one of the biggest themes of the first half of Endgame. Meaninglessness, Helplessness and fear of an unknown future all illustrated almost perfectly in the first act only to fall somewhat flat by then end, almost dismissing what had taken 6 hours and two movies to get to.


So why?

We can only speculate at this point as to why the end of the movie went the way it did but it would be easy to point towards the piles of money on the horizon to suggest why they might not want to surprise kill anyone who has a million dollar production coming up.

Did I ever think Far from home was fake? No.

That's because of the piles and piles of money put behind the marketing for it.

As much as we love the MCU and as much creative control as it seems that the directors and writers have it is still owned by the corporate monolith that is Disney and as we have seen time and time again with properties like Star Wars or these new Live-Action remakes this is a company that will be willing to do take the less creative road if it means that they think they will make a few extra million in box office.

© 2019 Joe C Delderfield


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