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Should I watch Plastic Memories? -Rowen Writes

Updated on October 7, 2015

Time is a precious currency in today’s fast paced world. One episode of an anime usually lasts for 22 minutes, 2 minutes for the opening song and the rest for the episode itself. Does Plastic Memories offer a positive return on your investment? This article will explain for the most part the reasons why Plastic Memories is not a memorable experience at all.

1. Story

The story is about a college dropout, or to be more accurate, a dropout who fails to enter college named Tsukasa. Thankfully, being connected goes a long way and he ends up working at a prestigious corporation thanks to his father. The corporation he worked in produces human like androids that look like humans, eats like humans and even bathe like humans. However, these beings have a short lifespan of 81 200 hours, or to make life simpler, 10 years.

Tsukasa’s job is to retrieve those androids (Giftias) from their owner as the expiry date gets closer and basically dispose/recycle them. He is unfortunate enough to be partnered with a useless Giftia whose life is nearing its end.

This story does have the potential to develop well despite the cliché plot. To expand on that, this story has the potential for world building. For example, this story could have expanded on the interactions between normal humans and Giftias. Alternatively, it can even expand on the story behind the corporations behind the Giftias. Well, if you are watching the story for that, you will be sorely disappointed. The story will devolve into a soppy romantic comedy story which will try too hard to make the audience cry. Well, I did not cry.

There was an attempt in the early part of the story to expand on the human-Giftia interaction. However the conclusion to the arc will leave its viewers extremely disappointed.

Should I spend 286 minutes watching Plastic Memories for the STORY? No.

This character...
This character... similar to this. Spot the deuteragonist. similar to this. Spot the deuteragonist.

2. Characters

This is arguably the weakest and most forgettable aspect of the story. In a character driven story, the characters have to be well developed and memorable so that the viewers could appreciate and like the story. Unfortunately, this anime fails miserably in doing so. The character designs are typical and bland. Firstly, you have a cut and paste main character found on many typical romantic comedy anime. He is your average Joe. Nice guy, indecisive and often the punching bag of the other female characters in the story.

The deuteragonist, which is the female Giftia, is a typical kuudere character. Her design is a rip off of Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats. Not only that, her personality is also similar to Kanade’s.

Other characters’ designs are extremely forgettable too. You have a typical tsundere character, Michiru Kinushima, whose hobby is to make Tsukasa her punching bag and annoy the audiences with her annoying personality and voice. This article will not mention other characters because they are so stereotypical.

Should I spend 286 minutes watching Plastic Memories for the CHARACTERS? HELL NO!

3. Character Development

The character development in the story is terrible with the exception of Isla and to a lesser extent, Tsukasa.

I have mentioned earlier that Tsukasa is a cut and paste main character. One redeeming factor that Tsukasa has is his development. Unlike other main protagonists, he is capable of understanding his limitations and he does not whine 24/7. As the story progresses, he becomes more decisive and is capable of making tough decisions.

As for Isla, she also improves from being moody kuudere to a less moody girl. She develops into a more useful character. Although one might argue that the interaction between Tsukasa and Isla is your typical anime duo, I do enjoy the interactions between them. However, it shouldn’t be the focus of the story.

As for other characters, their development is terrible. It is difficult to fathom why the creators of the story even created those characters. Their existence serves as mere filler or advisors for the main characters, lacking any real backstory of their own as well as their development.

Should I spend 286 minutes watching Plastic Memories for the DEVELOPMENT? No.

Michiru Kinushima, typical annoying tsundere
Michiru Kinushima, typical annoying tsundere

4. Opening, Ending and other Soundtracks

The Opening song of the anime, Ring of Fortune, is your typical anime pop song which one can hear in many other anime. Same goes for the Ending song, Asami Asayake No Starmine. The soundtracks are not remarkable at all. The Opening is sung by Eri Sasaki while the Ending song is sung by Asami Imai.

Should I spend 286 minutes watching Plastic Memories for the OPENING/SOUNDTRACKS? No.

5. Animation

The animation proves to be the only saving grace of this anime. In the department of visuals Doga Kobo does a satisfactory job. The office setting, towns and scenery is a pleasing sight. The animation is smooth and well-handled for the most part. The lighting was not too bad either.

Should I spend 286 minutes watching Plastic Memories for the ANIMATION? Yes.

In general:

1/5 stars: Spend the 286 minutes learning a language, write, or watch another anime show

2/5 stars: Unless you are really a diehard fanboy, please don’t bother.

3/5 stars: Good show for the long boring Saturday afternoon

4/5 stars: Good watch

5/5 stars: Gives you a good return for your 286 minutes, with many dividends of satisfaction

286 minutes, 550 minutes or 10000 minutes, time is a precious resource in this world. I hope this article will allow you to make an informed decision before you spend that precious second.

1 star for Plastic Memories-286 Minutes


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