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Should You Get a Nipple Piercing?

Updated on April 12, 2008

All I Can Tell You is My Experience

The first time I heard about Nipple Piercings I believe I was in high school. One of my friends got hers pierced by some random lady in an illegal setting. Then, my friend went around showing everyone. I was appalled, and yet...intrigued.

Again, in high school, I had another friend. She was nuts, off the wall, a lot of fun to be around. She started getting piercings and tattoos when she was 16. These were approved by her parents, so it wasn't illegal. Once she started, she couldn't stop. When we were seniors she had something like 28 piercings. She had both of her nipples pierced an 'x' formation. Yikes. it was this friend who first gave me the idea to get it done myself. We played basketball together and she said, "Laura, if we make the playoffs, i dare you to get your nipple pierced." Weird, I know. But, I jokingly agreed, saying I'd do anything I was dared to do. Lo and behold, we made it to the playoffs, but my friend never brought it up again, so I didn't follow through.

Flash forward a couple years. I was 20, in college, and I wanted to get my nose pierced. I didn't want to shock my parents, so I called my mom to let her know what I was thinking. She cried. Not exactly the response I was hoping for. Then, she went on to say, "Don't ruin your face, get your nipple pierced for all I care, then I wouldn't have to see it!"

So...I did. I think I was more irritated at her response & wanted to do it to spite her, the ironic thing being that it's been 6 years, and if she reads this, it will be the first time she's heard about it.

Well, my roommates and I drove into the city one night, found a tattoo/piercing parlor, and made our requests. That's when the mortification began. I had assumed it would be quick and easy. I would go back there, my roommates would come with me, I would pull up my shirt, a piercer would do the piercing, and that would be it. Boy, was I wrong.

First, they said that only one person could come back with me. That one person ended up being a very modest roommate who couldn't believe I was doing this in the first place. She didn't want to be back there, but she didn't want to ditch me, either. That was the first awkward moment.

Then, it turned out it was going to be an apprentice piercer doing the piercing, and he would have to be watched by the rest of the piercing staff, to make sure everything went okay. The piercing staff consisted of about 8 guys. Hmmm...I was starting to wonder about this.

Finally, they said I had to take OFF my shirt and bra, and sit there completely bare-chested. So, not only is my extremely modest roommate there with me, but I'm not exactly un-modest, and this was NOT how I had pictured things going down. But, because I believe in doing everything I set my mind to, I obliged, feeling more uncomfortable than I'd ever felt in my life.

It was at this point that the apprentice came at me with a giant needle. I had been told by other people that the actually piercing didn't hurt much, so I wasn't too nervous, but the guys hands were shaking like crazy...not exactly a confidence booster. Right before he inserted the needle, the experienced piercer watching him yelled, "no, don't!" and pointed out that the needle was barbed. Again, not making me feel too good about this process.

So, they got a new (unbarbed) needle, and tried again. This is when I realized that that thing about it not hurting was A COMPLETE LIE. Maybe it was because I had been told it wouldn't hurt, but when that needle went through, I couldn't breathe. And it seemed to last forever. Finally, when the ring was in, I grabbed my clothing, put them back on, and then stood politely listening to another person talk about their nipple piercing for 15 minutes, when all I wanted to do was get the heck out of there.

Like I said, it's been six years, and I still have my piercing. It's not that there's anything great about it, but I guess it reminds me of my "crazy" days, when I would randomly go out with friends and do something off the wall. Would I suggest it for other people? Probably not. Like I said, the experience itself was mortifying, but I do understand the desire to do something that's a little rebellious, a little crazy, and makes a good story down the road.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I'm one of a few admins on a site and we each have muilplte computers, locations, and browsers we use.From what I can tell, your solution seems like it'll take care of all of that by just inserting your code problem is, where how/ does one use it?Obviously, I'm completely clueless on coding, I'm just a blogger who is tired of seeing 2/3 of our hits come from the admins (not to mention how much that's skewing the other results- notably time on site and bounce rate).Thank you for your help.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thanks for the update. Sounds like you woerkd really hard I am so glad things woerkd our for you. Also sounds like your baby truly loves nursing! All the best,E

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      A very belated uptade: Milo is now 14, almost 15 months old. At the 4 month mark he decided, on his own, that he was done with the shield. One day he just lunged for my naked breast before I could get the shield on, and over the next week we phased it out completely. (The hardest was when he was tired and not used to the new sensation.) I never did have a full milk supply, but as one of my lactation consultants told me, if he put up with all of our issues and still loves nursing so much, he must *really love nursing!* I stopped pumping at work at a little over a year, and he is still nursing at least three times a day during the work week, and even more on the weekends. He doesn't get much milk, but he loves his nursing, and so do I. We never, ever would have made it this far without the shield in those early months. The LC who finally suggested it, after things just weren't working, made the right suggestion for us.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Interesting hub. I have tried in vain to get my girlfriend to get a nipple piercing. I would hate her to get a tattoo or visible piercing but a nipple ring is extremely sexy.

      I have had a nipple ring for a few years and have to wear a small barbell so that it doesn't show through the shirts I wear under my suit to work.

      For a woman it really can be a sexy secret. I applaude you for getting one.

    • smichael308 profile image


      9 years ago from Las Vegas

      This is a great story, I love your conviction =D Never turn back!

    • Boss Number 1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Boss Number 1 

      10 years ago from Stayton, OR

      You don't sound like a letch, don't worry, I set myself up for this one. And, I guess it is smart to do your rebelling in a way that couldn't permanently damage your future career opportunities. Thanks for the added insight.

    • Jason Stanley profile image

      Jason Stanley 

      10 years ago

      I don't know how to respond without sounding like a dirty old man, letch, or well you get the idea. It is odd for me to discuss a woman's nipple that I am not familiar with. Oh well, the times we live in are pretty cool all the way around.

      I do agree with your mom, do your rebelling where it won't show. When, or if, you ever decide that it is time to get rid of the nipple jewelry, then your decision is yours and not the publics. Unlike the girl in in the photo, her changes will be public as the holes will remain. Also, because of that she will very likely play the part of the rebel way into mid life and probably way after she would have turned in her rebel ideology for a different perspective on life. Unfortunately she has boxed herself in with pretty limited options.


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