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More of Sexy Drama TV Shows Like Californication

Updated on January 17, 2018

Ready for Your Californication ?

Its actually very relaxing to watch an on screen character screw up his life while having funny sexy romps with almost everybody. That's why I love show Californification.

It's a credit to David Duchovny that I only have occasional flashbacks to scenes from X-files when I watch Californication.

What makes this show enjoyable is also the fact that it doesn't try very hard to be politically correct in terms of its story lines and what happens to it characters.

For more shows like Californification, check out my handpicked list of TV shows below.


Two and a Half Men

Shows like Californification is one of my guilty pleasures that always promises a on screen hotty every episode. The series Two and a Half Men has a more traditional shot indoors comedy  format but it makes up for it with Martin Sheen who is like Dukovny on the equivalent of Viagra-Steriod.

The fun part is keeping track of the parade of beautiful female guest stars in each episode. My all time favorite guest stars are the bikini clad window washing Megan Fox and the well endowed Diora Baird.    

Nip Tuck

If you are passionate about politically dicey shows like Californification than you'll probably love the always controversial episodes in Nip Tuck.

Who knew being plastic surgeons can be so deliciously rewarding? I just knew I shouldn't have gone for that engineering degree.

In comparison Nip Tuck is similar to Californication but it has an even darker feel and delves more in depth into near taboo topics with more dark humour. The sexiness level is of course very high in this show combined with great acting.  



Here's the mother of all controversial TV series with a former soccer mum that turns to a life of crime.

It stars the perfectly casted Mary-Louise Parker that perfectly straddles her dual role of mother to her children and the head of a small time "weed" business.

This controversial and inventive shows really gives new meaning to the term work from home mums.

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    • profile image

      ssalunkhe 6 years ago from Philadelphia

      In season 5 of Californication, Hank Moody's headed back to California after being away for few years. Looking forward to watching his life and Casanova attitude change this season.