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Shows That Should Not Have Been Cancelled

Updated on June 25, 2020
Muhammad Uzair Saqib profile image

Uzair is a software engineer by profession who is a TV fanatic because he is up to date with every TV show and movie which makes him relaxed

Cliff hanger
Cliff hanger

How many times has it happened with you that you absolutely love a show to your bones and the season ends on a cliff hanger and the next thing you know it gets cancelled.

Because according to the TV network it wasn’t worth it despite of it being popular among the audience.

TV networks are on a verge of unexpectedly cancelling shows that the audience love or that end on a cliff hanger to leave the audience in a state of non satisfactory closure.

So today I present to you a list of shows that should not have been cancelled or at least should not have been made if they were to get cancelled unexpectedly.


Debuted on Channel 4 Humans was set in a distant future focusing on the futuristic robotics technology known as “Synths” which are designed to make the lives of us humans easier much like your phone these days but a tad bit more real specially if you are having relation ship issues with real humans.

Unlike other science fiction robot movies where robots take over the world or travel back and forth in time to take revenge , the humans was a much more realistic approach in the genre of AI.

Focusing on the social, cultural, and psychological impact of the invention of robots in real world which made the series far more relatable to the real world as compared to the other shows in the same genre.

The season 1 ended at an exciting point where the synths some how became conscious due to a consciousness code which was transferred to every synth on the planet making them completely independent of taking instructions from humans and giving them free will.

In the last season the synths got divided into 2 groups the bad dudes that have free will which makes them dangerous also known as the green eyes and the good synths which were specially made after the rise of the green eyes and according the companies that made them they were harmless and they didn't have and cannot have a free will.

The season ended on the character Mattie being pregnant with the child of LEO which was a half human and half robot.

Obviously things would have gotten even more interesting in the next season with half humans and half synths walking down on the roads but unfortunately the show was cancelled and we can never know what that would have been like.

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A Netflix original series based on the depiction of the Antichrist focusing mainly on the Islamic interpretation of the subject.The messiah was a series with a very unique premise focusing on a man claiming divinity and performing miracles to convince the world about his divination.

What I like the most about the series was that it had a low pace and the director didn’t go over the top with miracles performed by the messiah which definitely would have made the series a bit unrealistic and too far fetched to absorb.

The most interesting thing about the series is that it never gives a definite answer to the question if he is indeed the real Christ or an impostor. Instead it leaves an open interpretation of the miracles performed by him because all the miracles which he performed had a logical explanation which made the audience even more confused.

At the end of the first season the messiah survives a plane crash healing two other people on the same plane bringing them back from the dead which raises even more questions whether he is really divine or not.

But the show was cancelled and ended on this cliffhanger leaving the audience clueless about messiah’s true origin.

Grenoble train station hall with Messiah's posters
Grenoble train station hall with Messiah's posters

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The Whispers

Debuted on ABC on June 1, 2015 the whispers was a series about multiple accidents occurring around children, who were communicating with the same invisible and seemingly imaginary friend known as Drill. They secretly played his "games" in return for rewards that Drill promises. An FBI child specialist played by Lily Rabe, investigates and finds connections not only between the different children's cases, including her own son, but also to her missing husband.

The whole atmosphere of the show was very creepy and unsettling and the child actors acted really well which made the show a big hit among horror and thriller genre fans.

Another plus point about the series was that the invisible force controlling all the children was never shown on screen which created even more anticipation among the audience.

Even the king of horror Stephen King was following the show , he tweeted:

Stephen king tweeted about the whispers tv show
Stephen king tweeted about the whispers tv show

At the end of the first season the central character of the story Claire was abducted by the aliens and she went inside a UFO.

And the audience is left to their imagination who those aliens were and what do they even looked like and what was their deal with controlling these kids because ABC cancelled the show after season 1.

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