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Shut Up Lil Wayne!

Updated on September 16, 2016

Oh Wayne!

Does Lil Wayne really think he's the typical Black-American?
Does Lil Wayne really think he's the typical Black-American?

Cocaine is a helluva drug!

I’m saying this with love, affection and respect. Shut up Lil Wayne! Just shut up! I don’t know what kind of neuron-melting squid ink your last tattoo was created with but you sound like a fool! Deep breath, exhale, let me start again.

With love, might I suggest Wayne that maybe you consider and acknowledge that you’re not living the typical experience of an American of any color, but much less that of a person of color? So maybe using yourself as the sole example to make the claim racism is nonexistent isn’t really a good idea. Maybe you should read a few newspapers and books, Kindle has a great feature on their app to help you look up any words you don’t know to get the full gist. However, with all the sizzurp that runs through your body and drug-fried brain it’s a shock you can even still walk upright and tie your own shoelaces! You idiot!

How soon we forget.

One of many heartbreaking images of Black Americans left stranded by their own government.
One of many heartbreaking images of Black Americans left stranded by their own government. | Source

Know your history.

Shut up Lil Wayne, the Black people in your own home state of Louisiana were left out to dry, I mean this quite literally because they were all wet, during Hurricane Katrina in what was clearly a case of Fuckyouism.

Did you honestly say that your sole reason for not believing racism exists is because a lot of White people attend your concerts? Putting aside the economic inequalities allowing majority Caucasians to afford your ticket prices, do you not know there were Black celebrities in America who performed in front of all White audiences during segregation? Artists like Louis Armstrong, Josephine Baker and even Oscar-winning actress Hattie McDaniel, who had to have special favors called in for her to even be present to accept the Oscar.

I’ve been in clubs with majority White patrons and watched White boys who know every lyric to your songs recite them copying your head tilt and the movement of your hands, even the inflections of your voice. They adore you! But that doesn't change the fact that any one of them can have a random encounter with you and then claim you had a gun. That won’t stop police from arriving, handcuffing and even arresting you just on hearsay, without finding a weapon, with zero evidence to go on other than that you’re Black so, you know. This recently happened to both Chris Brown and Desiigner.

Color-blind leading the Color-blind

Lil Wayne's wealth and celebrity buffers him from reality, not unlike White privilege.
Lil Wayne's wealth and celebrity buffers him from reality, not unlike White privilege.

Strength in numbers?

The majority of Whites, even those who claim they’re not racists and actually “don’t see color”, prefer their Blacks not make waves, not force them to face facts and be uncomfortable. This is why Whites can cheer on Kaepernick as a football player when he’s helping the team they like win, but get upset when he does something that calls attention to racism and injustice. Beyonce has legions of White fans in her Hive, they helped put the word “bootylicious” in the dictionary, but once she stepped up and praised her man’s negro nose, her baby’s afro and suggested police “stop shooting us”, she was accused of reverse racism, being anti-police and so many of her fans were “disappointed” in her.

With love I ask that you shut up Lil Wayne. Just shut your whore mouth and stop shucking and jiving for the attention and headlines because while you absolutely know better, I hope, many Whites listening don’t.

Millions of Black people can share their stories of racist encounters with not just police but also storeowners, neighbors and random people, like Solange Knowles did when she recently had food thrown at her by a White Woman while attending a concert The lady likely had no idea who Solange was and just felt entitled to mistreat the Black people present while comfortably ensconced in a majority White environment. Numerous Black experiences are discounted, excuses made, but’s given, but when one fool like Cam Newton or you Lil Coochie or whatever you call yourself these days Wayne, say racism doesn’t exist, they all applaud and claim “finally someone isn’t afraid to tell the truth”.

Is this what Lil Wayne sees from the stage that convinces him racism is a myth?

If any of these individuals died at the hands of police, do you think this would be the photo the media showed?
If any of these individuals died at the hands of police, do you think this would be the photo the media showed?

A walking, talking, clueless stereotype.

What’s ironic and unfair is the way that you carry yourself, Lil Wayne, pants hanging off your ass, countless baby mommas, a drug user with a prison record, you’re exactly the stereotype gleefully perpetuated by the media, which is why you’re even so famous in the first place. You give them what they want Sambo! The “them” being those who want to capitalize off our art and culture and steal our ideas without crediting or reinvesting in the communities. The “them” being those who are allowed to dress up and play pretend, be “urban” without the actual lack and danger of living in the ghetto.

Between you and your mentor Birdman with your collective tats and gangsta drama you’re a modern day minstrel show. Giving the world a one-dimensional, cartoonish view of Black people and, unfortunately, inspiring legions of followers. That same attire and behavior by a Black non-rapper is held up as everything that is wrong with Black people and the reason we’re being shot down, choked out and killed in the streets. One troll on Twitter even said to me a few weeks ago that they’ve never heard of a Black person wearing a suit being killed by police. Not so for White Lil Wayne fans, who have the privilege to dress and act however they like without facing the same repercussions.

So in summary Lil Wayne, to borrow from the late, great comedian Bernie Mack, “You know what? You’s a nigga! And I don’t mean that in no nice way!” Someone who’s had as many seizures as you is all shook up and discombobulated so can’t really be taken too seriously. I mean, at the rate you’re going you’re just a few years from getting all your nutrients through a straw. But still, stop commenting on political or racial issues because this doesn’t just harm Black people, it harms all victims of racism. Use what little brain power you have left on something that pertains just to you, like maybe designing a tattoo for your penis, probably the only 3 square inches on your body that isn’t yet covered. You don’t have to take that suggestion, but do take this one, with love I say, shut up Lil Wayne!


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