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Shutter Island Movie Review

Updated on January 1, 2013

Shutter Island Movie will make you shutter

Shutter Island

Shutter Island is a great movie that provokes the mind’s most mysterious questions, such as; why does society reject “Insane” people? And what makes a person insane?

Leonardo DiCaprio plays federal U.S. Marshall Teddy Danielswho is sent with his partner, “Chuck”, to investigate the escape of a prisoner on Shutter Island. Shutter Island is a mental institute on a pacific island. From the infamous Ward C to the mysterious Lighthouse, Shutter Island is full of mystery and misery, suspense and subjection. Teddy is a WWII veteran who is constantly plagued by the memories of the “death camps” or concentration camps that his company liberated. Walking through those places with the stench of death as thick as smoke in the air and seeing countless frozen, massacred faces piled in bodies. Teddy discovered what humans beings could really do to one another. As Teddy starts to learn about what is really happening at Shutter Island, he starts seeing walking nightmares of his past. Haunted spirits that will not rest until Teddy lets go of them. When Teddy decides to pay a visit to Ward C and is met up with his old friend, George Noise, who was a former patient at Shutter Island and released after a year, is right back where he started. Warning Teddy that he has to let go of his nightmares and past to get off the island, and saying that he beat him up brutally and put him back in Shutter Island, Teddy decides he has to find out what happens at the Lighthouse once and for all. After thinking his partner committed suicide and climbing down a sheer rock face to go get him, he stumbles upon the home of the real missing patient, Rachael Solando. Rachael was a former doctor at Ashcliffe Hospital on Shutter Island until she started poking around and was admitted in the hospital. The perfect disguise, make everyone who will tell the outside world of the real horrors on Shutter Island an insane person, no one listens to insane people.

This movie leaves you with one giant question at the end…Would you make it off Shutter Island?

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