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Sierra Burgess Is a Loser: Movie Review

Updated on March 2, 2020
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Why mainstream movies like this are ruining girls' confidence and projecting insecurities

Sierra Burgess is a loser is about a teenage girl that finds herself in a very 'uncommon' circumstance where she is 'forced' to catfish a boy so that he keeps talking to her. This is a result of a typical mean girl prank that one of the popular girls does on her.

To put it in the simplest way, I didn't like this movie and I didn't understand the concept behind it. Sierra Burgess wasn't a loser. She was a very talented academic girl who could play instruments. What percentage of today's highschool population can say that? I am so tired of mainstream movies and media trying to portray being in a band and being talented enough to play an instrument as something 'geeks or losers do'. This is very discouraging to today's teenagers. Your teenage years have a lot of things going on and trying to fit in is one of them. Teens tend to try and follow social norms or try to act different for fear of being judged harshly. Highschool for me was quite harsh and it is so for many teens out there, the media that's exposed to teens clearly isn't doing much for our wellbeing.

The start of the movie, we are introduced to Sierra, a seemingly postive girl who likes helping other school children by providing tutoring services. She is viciously trolled by the popular girls because of this but she moves on with her life with grace. Veronica, the mean girl in this story gives out Sierra's number instead of hers to a boy (Jamey) who has caught interest in her as a joke. Jamey starts messaging Sierra under the impression that he was talking to Veronica. They fall in love, typical, and Sierra doesn't want Jamey to find out who she really is so she comes up with a plan to keep Jamey thinking he is talking to Veronica.

The plan suprisingly works just like all the catfish stories I've watched on 'Catfish'. Veronica and Sierra become friends and Sierra finally reveals herself to Jamey and everything is all fine and dandy.

BUT looking at it, it really isn't the fairytale that it puts itself to be. For starters Veronica turns to be a nice person, she has problems at home and she takes her frustrations out by being an insufferable human being to others. People can change, I get that but everyone goes through a lot of things everyday that they manage to hide their problems without being hurtful towards others. Nothing gives anyone the right to be mean and hurtful towards anyone. You should never direct your anger or frustrations at anyone who is cleary not involved in your problems.

I hated how Sierra was portrayed as sort of a villain, and how insecure she was. It wasn't her fault to begin with and it makes me so mad that she was put in a bad light. Throughout the movie she was just portrayed as the loser and she was 'using' Veronica.

One of the songs in the movie is called 'Sunflower' and though its shamelessly catchy one phrase just makes me so annoyed

"I'm a sunflower, a little funny, If I were a rose maybe you'd pick me but I know you don't have a clue, this sunflower's waiting for you"

If someone doesn't like you, don't change yourself to be something you're not to please people. That is something everyone should know. You are worthy of love just the way you are. There's someone who'll appreciate you just as the sunflower you are or whatever flower you are under the sun.

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