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Signs that you know you're getting old.

Updated on October 23, 2011

All of us get older but I fear that I may be getting OLD. You know, when you start talking about “when I was your age”, etc,…and you start sounding like what we used to call “old fogies”, people who think that things were better way back when. Like the 1970’s or the 1980’s, God forbid.

But there’s another part of getting old. It’s when you are oblivious that what you are doing is obsolete or just ancient, by today’s standards. It’s like saying, “when did it become wrong to do it this way?”

It’s not just that technology has passed us by, or pop culture, both of which are understandable. But when how we talk or how we view the world is just passe. So, for those of you who wonder if you’re getting closer to the nursing home than to the school house (boy is that dated), here is my list of things that may let you know if you are getting OLD:

When you go to a full-service gas station, and the attendant asks you if you want regular, and you say, “No, unleaded.”

When you hear someone complain they have to walk a mile to where they’re going and you say, “Why, when I was your age, I walked two and a half miles to work every day.” (I did this two days ago.)

You watch MTV and go, “Where’s all the music videos?”

You only recognize Jennifer Hudson from her Weight Watchers’ commercials.

You still have most of your music collection on cassettes. (Guilty!)

You still use dial-up internet.

You go to a Journey concert and wonder who this Fillipino guy is singing lead.

When you want to tape a show when you’re not home, you use a VCR.

You call sneakers “tennis shoes”.

You remember buying cigarettes out of vending machines.

You think pinball beats video games anyday.

You still use your Atari 2600.

You still use your Commodore 64 on your 1983 television that you inherited from your Great Aunt.

You only use your cell phone to call people.

You watched the MTV Music Video Awards and went, “Where’s all the rock bands at?”

The last time you saw a movie in a theater it cost $2.50 to get in.

When you do go to a movie you complain that a soda costs $5 and a tub of corn is $8,…, that doesn’t mean you’re old. Everybody does that.

You still use a camera with film in it.

The last time you bought beer it came in a six-pack.

You still think you’re gonna get rich from all those Beanie Babies and baseball cards you bought in the ‘90’s.

You actually pay your bills by mailing them.

You remember Neal Armstrong walking on the moon because your were watching it.

You drink a Mountain Dew Throwback and say, “Hey, this is the way it tasted when I was little!”

You use your tunrtable to play records, not scratch them.

You still think mullets are cool.

You still you use a boom box.

You still wear a shirt that you got for Christmas 15 years ago.

You actually use paper and pen when you need to be reminded of something.

Your dream car is a Z-28.

And finally, you wear hats not because they’re stylish, but because they cover your bald spot.

More to come,….


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    • catfish33 profile image

      Jeffrey Yelton 6 years ago from Maryland

      Part two is coming soon!

    • justateacher profile image

      LaDena Campbell 6 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      Unfortunately, too much of this hits too close to home. I just returned home from a week in the hospital due to some inner ear issues. I asked what had caused them, and the 10 year old doctor (okay, maybe she was a little older than that) said, "It's just old age!" I told her that I wasn't that old and she asked my age. When I told her, she said "You're older than my mom!!" I really just wanted to hit her....but I'm a nice "old" woman and so I didn't....

    • catfish33 profile image

      Jeffrey Yelton 6 years ago from Maryland

      There will be a followup to this article in the near future!

    • Lelak profile image

      Lelak 6 years ago

      Sadly funny!