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A Journey Through Some of the Most, Gripping, Thrilling, Inspiring, Entertaining, Awesome Films & Movies Made So Far

Updated on December 20, 2016

(Will try to give away as little as possible about the plot & crucial story lines & twists so any you've not seen won't be spoilt)



The one hundred films then, not in ranking order, just some of the best films evertherewas. The first entry is the computer graphic classic, Pixar's, "Up". Evoking both tears of sadness and of joy right from the outset.

From Toy story to other modern day classics Pixar have secured their place as master story tellers that use cgi to craft a tale rather than be led by it.


One of the few films that actually has a believable future setting, fresh and engrossing dialogue seal this as a brilliant treat. I'd try to read as little about it as possible before watching, not knowing any of the cast really adds to it.

Groundhog Day

Must've seen more than ten times and would still watch it right now if someone had it on. Bill Murray is always a masterpiece himself, within this is an unforgettable concept that the film is crafted around that works perfectly.

What We Do In The Shadows

If you're a fan of flight of the conchords, and / or humour, this film is a must see. I wouldn't even like to give you a hint at the premise as is better viewed with no pre-conceptions.

American History X

Film making at it's highest, Edward Norton really shining in this much talked about and acclaimed hard hitting film which takes an honest and thought-out look at racism and Neo-Nazism in America.

Some scenes will stay with you for life, however it's definitely worth it.

The Matrix

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn't seen it, yet it's often forgotten just how good the original was / still is, one of the best scores for a modern action and showed special effects can enhance not detract from the story.

The Thing

I remember one late night back when used a regular TV and tuning into this film at about 1am after the credits and having no idea what was going on, if a film or what, then there was a helicopter seemingly shooting at a dog in the snow and was instantly intrigued, was astonished by how good a film hadn't seen that far and had happened upon just as it started thankfully. Not for the faint hearted however one of the all time best for suspense and thrills.

The Sting

A pairing of absolute beauty, a joy to watch, the whole cast and setting makes it a pleasure, then the story elevates it to greatness, gem from the past.


My favourite LOTR character is...

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The Fighter

Many boxing films out there, plus many sub-standard Wahlberg appearances however everything comes together in this tale with very believable performances all-round and compelling story.

Fight Club

A little too much for a few who can't see too much violence, however a real coming of age film for the young men of the 90s with new heights and breadth of story weaving in places.

12 Angry Men

Goes to show not every film must have a romantic sub-plot and/or action. Not even going to mention the terrible remake, doh. The original is suspense, a study in film-making and story-telling.

The Usual Suspects

Pretty much a must-see film, especially so that you don't overhear the plot prior to watching, which is btw a treat to unravel.

City of God

Engrossing from start to finish.


Atmospheric fast-paced story telling at it's finest.

The unique way the narrative unfolds is done smoothly and not overdone as might've been tempting.


Most might go with Alien as the favourite of the is it a quadtrology now? Quintology?

Shame about the third really, I know it's not bad, it's just, yeah...

I watched this film when I was far too young to be watching such things by accident in an Uncle's living room and I remember being more than a little terrified when the first face hugger appeared at the start, and had to stop playing the computer game (alien versus predator) as simply too scared to continue.

Alien Poll

My Favourite Alien Film is...

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Possibly my favourite film I've ever seen, would recommend watching the non-director's cut if you've not seen before. Couldn't recommend Besson's masterpiece highly enough, there's some of the best action scenes made alongside humour, love and friendship in a very different world of a hit man.


Steve Coogan and Judy Dench bring to life a very real (based on true events) story that shines out in the early 2000 era of film making.


One of those films that lacks polish yet actually benefits from it, in our world of cgi-exactness Dune is gritty grubby and at many points unpleasant, yet the effects work perfectly and the ships and scenes further reinforce the long held belief that actual models of ships rather than computer generated ones give things a depth and realness.


Even though the show got cancelled (Firefly) after the first series in what is generally regarded as the best show to ever get cancelled, this movie I believe is a fitting tribute and brilliant in it's own right. Whilst the series could've easily run on for many more years and told the true tales of each of crew of the ship which the film is named after (Serenity) the film manages to cram it in to a short bite-sized chunk that whilst nowhere near as good as many more series was much better than nothing more at all.

Terminator 2 : Judgement Day

Some might complain Arnold is a little stiff in his acting abilities, what better role then than a robotic killing machine? It's graphics made us go oooo, look at the floor doing that, ooo nice.

Yet even though it is a sci-fi action flick there is a deeper level to the tale with a good dynamic between an entity higher than a dog though alien to the human condition and the Mother's seeming madness that we the viewer know isn't madness and based upon the original's story a brilliant link to the first.

Robin Hood (animated).

One of the greatest kids films ever made. Very rewatchable and classic memorable scenes throughout.

Star Wars (VI) : Return of the Jedi

Most seem to favour the empire strikes back yet I could watch return of the jedi till the cows came in. Paradigm of how to tell a story on three different battlefields with pivoting climax that is well worth the build up, a little spoilt in later re-mastered version with the end music changed which used to be very uplifting and feel good.

Star Wars Poll

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A highlight of the 80s, before films got too polished perhaps.


In almost a modern re-telling of 1984 the state takes control of society. One of Sean Bean's finest supporting roles. Probably the role that got Bale his cloak wearing silly-gruff-voiced bat-lover casting, showing in Equilibrium easily has the strength to pull off the lead role of a man who beats the crap out of anyone in his way.


Spielberg's quintessential family classic is a work of genius.

Star Trek 2 : Wrath of Khan

KKKKHHHHHAAAANNNNNN!! KKKKHHHHHHAAAAANNNNNN!!! KKKHHHHAAANNN!! kkhhhaannn! By far and away my favourite of the star treks. Kirk showing his fraity and age in an admiral potrayal.

Live long and prosper


My favourite Star Trek Captain (type) is...

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A very very French film and all the better for it, charming, beautiful, stylish and funny.


The Shawshank Redemption

The Godfather of Morgan Freeman Voiceovers, and for good reason. Still holds up every re-watch, a pinnacle of story-telling and film-making still yet to be surpassed on IMDB's #1 spot.

Toy Story 2

A sequel just as good as the original is a rare thing and I believe found here, the third in the trilogy I was not so enamoured with.

Continuing on Pixar's success, their blend of comic genius with perfect-for-toys graphics Toy Story is the best of the three and on of the best animation films made.

Ghostbusters 2

Just speaking of sequels being as good as the originals being a rarity and along comes another! :)

Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels

Showing a new modern way of telling a tale that put the action back into action. Given a bit of London grime and a much needed dose of comedy dust this finely well-made and fastly told tale.


Prooving that some wondered, can there be another Matrix-style head-trippy sci-fi as well made since, well, the matrix, thankfully Inception arrived just at the right time, modern masterpiece of, this is what a big budget and stellar cast is sometimes for.

Das Boot

Submarine films of any ilk already get a level of interest immediately as of their uniquely cramped and dangerous settings, meaning the film is often told in very few rooms of very sweaty stressed men often quite tense and angry with one another.

Das boot, book also, has never been bettered in being able to make one feel the most actually with the crew and under the water and in really dangerous bloody minutes of time. Even if you're not a big fan of war films I'd really recommened this brilliant film of a U-Boat in WW2.

The Mist

Had been waiting for a modern cloud-based film since watching the fog and wasn't disapointed at all with this offering :)


A truly brilliant cast for just a down-right fun film, the over-the-top overly Hollywoody moments are saved by the constantly thumping pace, it's one of those where if you go with it and take your cynical hat off it's just a good old silly space-romp.

This isn't a film for quiet reflection or epicly deep storylines however for a wedge of pure fun and action it's right up there. Plus the director of NASA is pure class throughout (not the actual real-life director, though they might be good too).

Toy Story

A perfect tale for the advent of "cgi" and 3D generated characters, the film managed to turn the focus from hype of new technology to how good simply the comedy was with a freshness much needed along with the fresh looks of film, a milestone.

Pulp Fiction

Still by far and away imo Tarantinno's finest, the master of the choppy uppy story liney stylie deserved in any top 10.

Laputa Castle in the Sky

First of the Studio Ghibli films I saw as a youngster, still one of if not my favourite of this style of film / animation, love some of the scenes in picturesque lush settings and stylized destruction.


Monsters, Inc

Introduction to some unforgettable new characters. Again comedy and the new medium blending well to please adults and childen alike.


Some avid fans of the comic books were not impressed and I must admit there were a few changes I disliked however still a brilliant film on it's own merits.

Stand by Me

Other than perhaps the goonies, or my girl there isn't a more childhood encapsulating film, or you'd be hard pressed to find many perhaps. All the children stand out as individual immediately wearing their hearts on their sleeves and going on a journey it's hard not to be drawn into.

Iron Man

Simply pure fun compacted into a movie-shaped space. A great example of how a comic-to-film conversion / reimagining can work really well.

Waking Life

A number of animated conversation points fill this thought-provoking epic. Some will be old ground probably, some perhaps new and interesting to hear.

Monty Python's Life of Brian

Holy Grail remains my favourite (and probably all time favourite comedy) however Life of Brian comes a close second, whatever your beliefs can I feel can have a good not too serious laugh.

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

Jim Carrey & Kate Winslet come together in this beautiful & heart-stroking film of perfectly put together cinematography.

Tron : Legacy

I've always been a massive fan of Tron since I can remember so thought might be disappointed by this update, however I found I really loved it, it's not the finest masterpiece to grace the earth, neither was the original, however both are simply awesome.

I believe Legacy remained very much in the vein of the original whilst massively expanding upon it, it's one of the few films that deal with the issue of aiming for "perfect" and a perfect system, Plus if you look at many modern remakes / re-imaginings (total recall springs to mind) this could have been a unparalleled disaster of awful-ness, however I think it was classy, stylish and fresh, much love for the makers / those involved for not just doing easy boring crappy story line like a virus got in or some such or just re-doing the original with fresh graphics and young cast.

Star Trek

The modern re-imagining of the classic federation's most famous starship took most by surprise as to how good it was, bringing action to the franchise in a thrilling not over the top way and graphics that enchanced the action with bountiful eye candy.

Black Swan

As breaktakingly awful as it is beautiful, captures and tranports you to a totally different person's world and life very very well.

American Beauty

Kevin Spacey comes into his own here. Truly magnificent and memorable film.

Spirited Away

Probably the most talked about, seen and well-loved of the Studio Ghibli films, it's storytelling is probably the most accessible of the collection with adults turned to mindless fowl while children can still discover the magic in the world, some of the most captivating animation and beautifully created characters seen.

The Transformers : The Movie (animated)

With a voice acting cast including, Orson Wells, Eric Idle and Leonard Nimoy the transforming robots were given real characters, the 80s cheesy soundtrack and now dated animation gives the whole film a feel of a really well put together children's film of it's time. There's less of the usual feel of commercialism that crept in more and more in America and more a sense of storyline trying to burst out and be told and action to drive the plot not just for it's own sake.

The re-make into cgi was good imo, however not good enough to make the list with some of the robots simply losing their characters and whilst many of the humans in the new film were good just the touch of class the autobots and decepticons had was lost along with the fine line balance between corny humour and just over the top ness. As for the sequels to the modern, a predictable slide into worse and worse offerings.

Lucky Number Slevin

Hollywood finally got it right with this much overlooked comedy / action / mystery film. Attempting to update the pulp fiction type genre with a dose of young blood and style, the pace is good the story tight and the acting from a stellar cast, very perfectly under-played.

Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail

Used to be my favourite film for if ill off school when a child, easily my favourite comedy. From Tim the Enchanter to King Arthur himself the whole cast put in brilliant performances that elevate the script from hilarious to a masterpiece.

Twelve Monkeys

Another Bruce Willis entry, perhaps this should be called 100 best films with Bruce in them :) Twelve monkeys is another that gives us the Die hard hero as our lead which as usual prooves to give us a very likeable protagonist in a world of believable grime and realism.


A great snapshot of the modern machine taken to it's extreme.

The Lion King

With the dawn of the CGI age, the days of animation were numbered, however the lion king showed that the classic medium could still cut it, added to by a simply brilliant score. To be noted, I would highly recommened the original not the new one with some err not quite as good songs added imo.

Blood Diamond

From start to finish Blood Diamond balances perfectly the need to engage the viewer with action and plot driving with the much more serious narrative and setting / subject matter.

Dark City

A huge warning, do not watch the director's cut if it's your first time viewing, completely changes the viewing experience. That said, a truly brilliant thriller and mystery that uses just the right amount of creepy as to make it scary and alien yet not too much.


Tom Hanks comes through as one of the most like-able characters ever made in a wish gone wrong / perhaps right, some of the most touching and well-made scenes seen in cinematography.

Big Fish

Surrealy fantastic adventure, Ewan and Helena really shine, feels like having a brilliant dream.

Finding Nemo

One of the funniest animation films evermade, lots of laugh out loud belly laughs and brilliant characters. Top class all-round.


Some of the best and most successful films are those that centre around two people's friendship, why then they always try to shoehorn a romance into most films is beyond me. Dustin Hoffman and Steve McQueen combine here in one of those films that you really share with the characters.


One of those feel-good family movies that flows with a passionate spirit, the search for E.T. turned into a hair-tingly ride, most viewers had lost their child-like passion when they saw Contact and it was mis-pitched as a sci-fi serious flick, it's no star trek however a great tale that doesn't take itself too seriously.


One of the simplest yet wonderful films to deal with mental irregularities, James Stewart carries the film brilliantly, it does show it's age however also shows it's insightfulness even to this day.

The Fifth Element

Another from Besson, a truly brilliant and fun sci-fi action film. Willis appears yet again (perhaps was wrong before, the list might've been called "Where's Willis?").


Robert De Niro puts in one of his best performances, showing why he is regarded as one of the world's best. The whole ward and story make for very compelling viewing, highly recommened.

Hot Fuzz

In many ways the sequel to "Shaun of the Dead". Simon Pegg once again takes the reins in this comedy, this time focused around law enforcement (in a sleepy English village).

Scent of a Woman

Following on from singing De Niro's praises, this film shows some of Al Pacino's callibre.

The Truman Show

Jim Carrey comes into his own here staring in this perfect concept-to-film, film. Often becoming too much in other films Carrey manages to play this at just the right level of zaney and sentimentality.

The Notebook

This film should come with a warning message, only watch if you're in a relationship, if you are this is one of the greatest love-story-over-time flashing forwards and backwards type that you'll hope to see, if you're single you might find yourself in a bit of a mountain of tissues (to be fair it might happen either way).

At first you think it's going to be the usual fair of boy meets girl, something goes wrong, they go separate ways and fate puts them back together after overcoming various problems that 1,000 monkeys in a room could churn out just changing the names and settings however The Notebook really goes beyond those type of films and really puts them to shame, the characters are engaging as is the story, the love captivates the viewers and you really feel emotionally invested in their fates.

August Rush

One could easily dismiss this film as a family over the top type romance. However I feel it perfectly walks the line of a little "magic" without it being harry potter (which by the by did get better and better with each installment however if the first is *that* bad then that's not saying much) and a little romance without it being a love story. Also August, the main character, played by Freddie Highmore, simply carries the movie, he plays the role perfectly and one easily sits down to watch his tale unfold. One for the dreamers still left amongst us that don't have to take everything so seriously.

'The music is all around us, all you have to do, is listen' - August

The Neverending Story

Back when films were still made by people not just computers (don't get me wrong I like some cgi films a lot, it's just where are the non-cgi ones too?) this absolute gem of film was made. I'd actually forgotten it when compiling the list (which's taken a number of years), along with Labyrinth, up next. Along with the two main characters we encounter a whole raft of loveable and bizarre creatures and monsters.

I myself was terrified of the wolf, still am to an extent, wolves were bad enough as they are, let alone one that can talk, and is an agent of "the nothing" literally a child's imagination of death personified, yay :) And not to forget the swamp of sorrow which shows depression in awful starkness. Still though the film is brilliant through and through and flows with a pace and enthusiasm that suits it perfectly.


It does get a little surreal at times, and remember few scenes as a child being a bit disturbed, like the animals that won't understand her head doesn't come off like theirs and when first returns to her bedroom. However overall doesn't get much more fun for a family film, the characters and adventures are excellent throughout, the goblins and Bowie make excellent "baddies" and her friends are even better, most films have one or two great characters, this one is filled with them. You even get David Bowie no less providing the score.

Time Bandits

Continuing on the theme of child protagonists, Time Bandits! Seeing a child join a group of dwarf like treasure hunters as they travel through time stealing and enjoying some of histories greatest riches, the cast is simply stellar, even Sean Connery appears plus many of the expected pythons, the story is bizarre and very twisted to get across the anti-commercialism points however really interesting and well made film that tells a very unique story.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Jack Nicholson at his best in this very re-watchable psych ward film, the characters are brilliantly created and you really get that feeling of, oh can't you just stop being crazy for a little and see sense then it'd be alright that one often gets with very, interesting, people.

~ More coming soon hopefully, time permitting ~

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    • mrblueishmouvesky profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Thank you, not sure how that slipped in :)

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Morgan freeman narrates Shawshank Redemption...

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      You should definitely include Mulholland Drive.

    • mrblueishmouvesky profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Wow, there's a lot there to have a look through, much appreciated will have to set a weekend aside to expand my viewing, I thought I'd seen most of the older films that people recommend, will hopefully get back to you. I did like Green mile however bit of a 8/10 for me, seemed to try to be three different movies at once.

    • Vista15 profile image

      Tiana Dreymor 

      5 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Too late, my edit didn't go through.

      Good ole Google. That Natalie Wood movie was Splendor in the Grass.

    • Vista15 profile image

      Tiana Dreymor 

      5 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Lordy, I saw Shawshank Redemption and the first Terminator, but not 2. And I saw a couple Star Trek TV shows, not the movie.

      What about Rebel Without a Cause? The Robe? Quo Vadis? A Summer Place? The other James Dean movies, East of Eden and Giant? The Man With The Golden Arm? The Grapes of Wrath? Oh, and what was that one with Natalie Wood where she went crazy... cut off all her hair, and they sent her 'away'? I can't remember the name... Ah, you're probably too young to remember all of those.

      What about Pat Garret and Billy the Kid? Michener's Texas? Fire Down Below? Hope Floats? Dead Man Walking? The Green Mile? Bridges of Madison County? Double Jepardy? 8 Seconds? These are movies I've seen.

    • mrblueishmouvesky profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Aye totally agree with The Neverending Story and Laybrinth, two of my favs, not sure hwo forgot about both, thank you very much :) Oz is on my 2-watch list now, will have a looksee, not annoying at all rambling is good in my book :)

    • Capric222 profile image


      5 years ago

      I love most of the movies mentioned. American History X is a great film.....I like Labyrinth (David Bowie/Jennifer Connelly).....Very old but a classic for me as far as children's films. Although some beg to differ :) I could go on and on....The Never Ending Story, Silence of the Lambs. I was quite impressed with the new Oz: The Great and Powerful and I was quite surprised that I was. Then there was the one film that came out not that long was subtitled (I really have a hard time getting into movies with subtitles, but this one was so excellent it didn't matter), but I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it. It will come to me and then I will have to comment again! However, I'm getting a bit annoying :) so I'll leave it at that for now.

    • mrblueishmouvesky profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Aye agreed with La. Confidential, to be added soon hopefully, I did like Pan's Labyrinth I just thought that scene with the bottle was too much for me to recommend, though can respect the film and it's telling. Cheers for suggestions and such dude :)

    • jericho911 profile image

      Kenneth Claude 

      5 years ago from Parts Unknown

      Impressed with your inclusion of Memento, American History X and Equilibrium. I'd also add L.A. Confidential and Pan's Labyrinth to your list. Great hub...voted UP !


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