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Sleepy Hollow -- In Name Only

Updated on January 14, 2017

Nothing left of Sleepy Hollow...

Sleepy Hollow is back, perhaps for the last season. I haven't seen much promotion for the premiere of the new season on Fridays at nine. A lot of Abbie fans swore they were done with the show. So does this show have a snowball's chance of making it? Let's find out.

Slides being shown to Crane of Sleepy Hollow. He's telling them how he and Abbie teamed up to fight evil. He's shown Headless. He's been interrogated for two weeks. The man menacingly says no one would miss Crane. Crane tricks him and knocks him out and tries to escape. He sees a lot of old documents in their evidence room. He wonders who they are. He escapes throw a sewer cover and gets outside. He finds himself at Ronald Reagan Airport.

A couple arguing about music. The guy tells the woman she has to stop finding fault with every guy she meets. She's Special Agent Thomas. She gets a call and they take off.

Crane looks at all the monuments in Washington.

Agent Thomas and her partner find that Lincoln Monument is missing its head. She, Diana, tells Eric, her partner, something is going on here, when she sees a glowing green light. Crane arrives. Some demon kills Eric and goes after Diana. Crane comes to her rescue and she asks who he is.

The credits roll and aside from Crane and Abbie's sister the rest of the cast has been purged and are complete unknowns.

Diana points a gun at Crane and asks who Crane is. Crane asks she let him chase the demon so more souls won't become like her partner. While the demon disappears through the wall which distracts her and allows Crane to vanish.

Her boss won't believe that Diana's partner was killed via supernatural means and tells her to go home. She instead sees a clue in the woods and follows it. She finds the sewer Crane crawled out of. She goes down to investigate. Everything has been removed. Crane comes upon her. She tells him how she tracked him down. She refuses to believe a demon exists. Crane says he thinks the people that had him are looking for the new Witness that will take Abbie's place.

Someone is casting a spell when his cell phone rings. It's Jeremy Davies from LOST. He comes up from his subterranean hide-out. Says now he has to wait another astral phase to complete the spell. He, Mr. Dreyfuss, asks if Crane is causing any trouble. He licks blood off his hand when his assistant notices he's bleeding. He's in a high rise with his name on it.

Meanwhile the demon attacks someone else.

It looks like the show will now be based in Washington making Sleepy Hollow a meaningless name for the show.

Crane calls Jenny. He leaves her message on her phone. He tells her he's found new allies so he's hopeful. Diana has him handcuffed to her steering wheel as she investigates the new crime scene. She shows Crane a computer archive called the vault. He has a flashback. He asks her to take him to the vault to answer their questions. It's just an office and Crane disappointed by it's shabbiness.

The guy there recognizes Crane and he's says he's from Sleepy Hollow. The guy who runs it is Jake. He goes to a woman named Alex. Crane goes through their archives. He lets it slip he apprenticed as Benjamin Franklin's typesetter and corrects himself. He says written in the books are the secret history of the United States.

Crane says John WilkesBooth originally raised the demon to kill Lincoln. Crane reads the history of how Booth enacted a ceremony to get a demon in his own body. Mary Todd Lincoln was also supernatural and protected her husband or tried to. The demon stuck a pointed finger into Lincoln's head. Crane thinks when someone decapitated the Lincoln Monument it released the demon.

Jake shows them a secret passage to access the Lincoln Monument. Crane and Diana enter. They get to know each other as they search for the entrance to the monument. She talks about her young daughter, Molly. She said her daughter fainted in school a few years ago. They find marks on the wall. Crane thinks the American flag is what triggers the demon, because the latest victim was displaying a flag. She says this is not good.

She shows him the Freedom Concert where everyone is going to be dressed in red, white and blue. Diana figures out copper may be the demon's weakness. Jake's friend makes up some weapons with copper pennies.

Crane and Diana keep spotting the demon in the crowd at the concert. Crane grabs a flag and starts singing to attract the demon.

Jake believes all he's believed in has been proven by Crane, while his companion Alex is a cynic.

The foursome hope to corner the demon, but he doesn't show up. The demon grabs Alex and attacks Jake. Jenny shows up and saves the day. Crane introduces her to the threesome and they hug. Yes, I still like those two as a couple. But the Abbie shippers would blow a gasket because they hate the actress because she spoke out against the Crane and Abbie pairing.

I wonder if Diana's daughter, Molly, is the new Witness. The girl fainted perhaps around the same time Abbie died?

Jenny tells Crane they seem like a good group he's assembled. She says Abbie is really gone and he'll find the new witness. She tells Crane he's not alone and he never will be. That Washington exists is because of him and he belongs there more than he knows.

Yep, guess the show is going to be set in Washington from now on.

Dreyfuss watching the news about one of his rivals being killed. He thanks the man for his good work. Dreyfuss told Crane killed the demon. He says they have time and the point was removing the protective spell. Dreyfuss reveals Lincoln's concrete head. The man with him shoots flames from his hand and destroys Lincoln's head. There was a disk hidden inside and it's one of many he's after.

Crane tells Diana he's going to stay in Washington because it's time for a fresh start. She realizes that more demons will be coming until he finds out who kidnapped him. She says she has to find the people that caused Eric's death, so she wants to continue to work with him.

Diana comes home to her young daughter, Molly, who isn't talking since she fainted. The girl takes out a diary after her mother leaves. It's filled with nothing but sketches of Crane. Seems I'm right and she's the new witness.

I wanted to give this show a chance. Unfortunately, I think this was my last episode. It's one thing to replace a lead character that leaves, but to purge the cast and to purge where it takes place is another thing. I really don't see it lasting beyond this season.


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