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Smash Soundtrack Review - Smash TV Show Songs

Updated on June 6, 2012

The Smash TV show first aired on February 6th, 2012 on NBC. Smash is a musical drama so features a number of original and copied songs. Some people have compared Smash to the likes of Glee but it is very different from Glee.

Whereas Glee is a high school choir, Smash is about trying to get a Broadway musical from first concept to the actual Broadway stage. However, similarly to Glee, the audience gets to know the characters histories and also what motivates them.

The difference with Smash is that the songs are amazing, the drama is more compelling and doesn't seem as juvenile as Glee sometimes does. Although the characters in Smash sometimes act like children, it's Musical theatre and to do be expected. It also makes it far more interesting and is actually believable.

The producers of Smash had Glee as a great template, on which to base some aspects of Smash. After the success of the Glee soundtrack, it is unsurprising that NBC signed a deal with Columbia Records for the Smash soundtrack. This deal allows Columbia Records to distribute the first season of the Smash songs globally. It will also have first rights to subsequent seasons.

You will find the Smash soundtrack list of songs below. The videos have also been included so you can listen to each of the songs and remember which part of the show they are from.

Some of these songs are actually intended to be featured in the actual Marilyn musical and the other songs are performed in the characters lives.

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The Smash Soundtrack Track Listings

1. Touch Me

2. Stand

3. Who You Are

4. Crazy

5. Beautiful

6. Haven't Met You Yet

7. Shake It Out

8. Brighter Than the Sun

9. Let Me Be Your Star

10. The 20th Century Fox Mambo

11. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

12. Let's Be Bad

13. History Is Made at Night

Smash Soundtrack - Touch Me

The Producer of the show, Derek Wills, feels like the Marilyn Musical needs a new direction. He calls on the aid of Karen to help try and produce a new track for the show. The writers of the musical have no idea this is happening and are invited to the performance.

Karen performs Touch Me and everyone is appalled that Derek has done this. However, Katharine McPhee has done an amazing rendition of the song and really sells it. Eileen's daughter puts a stop to the whole thing and calls her mum out on her sneaky tactics.

The track is not taken up as part of the show and Karen has to apologize to Tom and Julia.

However, it seems to have been the best performing song of the show with fans loving it. Many fans have been trying to get a hold of this track for weeks but have had to wait for the Smash Soundtrack to get their hands on it.

Smash Soundtrack - Who You Are

Ivy Lynn is struggling with the role of Marilyn., Her mother is on her case and her boyfriend isn't the most supportive at times. Ivy is addicted to her medication and is out of control. She feels like a failure. She's never good enough and feels like she's losing herself.

She sings this song to herself in her apartment, while starring into the mirror. It's almost like she's talking to herself and trying to get herself to a better place.

This is a cover of the Jesse J track of the same name. However, Megan Hilty does an amazing version of the song. You can play Jesse J's version on the right.

Smash Soudtrack - Beautiful

Karen Cartwright is first introduced to us when she is auditioning for a new role and singing the Christina Aguilera song, Beautiful. She doesn't even get to finish her audition because the director takes a call during her performance.

Although Karen is dejected and low, her boyfriend raises her spirits and she goes on to audition for the part of Marilyn with the same song.

All of a sudden, her fortunes turn around and the Board love her voice and look. Also, she's the only one that didn't dress up as Marilyn for the role.

Karen is called back to compete against Ivy Lynn for the lead role of Marilyn. Although Karen loses out on the role, she is offered a place in the Chorus, which is vital experience that she needs.

Smash Soundtrack - Haven't Met You Yet

Nick Jonas starred in an episode of Smash. He came to celebrate his birthday and he sang this Michael Buble cover.

In the show he plays a young star that Derek and Tom argue over who discovered him.

He flirts with Ivy and plays the cute card. He plays this song on the piano and also sings the lyrics.

Then Eileen hits him up for some cash to finance the Marilyn musical. She tries to sell her Picasso but he makes a different deal. He promises to give her the picture back when the musical is completed. He credits Eileen with giving him his first break and wants to help her.

Smash Soundtrack - Shake It Out

Ivy is hired to perform at a bar mitzvah but can't do it. Karen ends up getting the gig as she's desperate for the money.

Since Karen gets the job last minute she has no clue what she's supposed to do. She doesn't know the words to the traditional songs and does her best to carry it off.

To close the event she sings Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine. It's a big hit and all the kids love it.

Karen even gets invited to cut a demo because a big record producer was at the event and liked her voice.

When Ivy finds out Karen got such a lucky break she is furious.

Smash Soundtrack - Brighter Than The Sun

Karen goes to record a demo track for the record producer that gave her his card at the bar mitzvah.

This is the first time Karen has every cut a track and is clueless. She meets the sound technician and he seems bored. He tells her to sing into the mic and is blown off his chair when she sings her version of the Colbie Caillat song called Brighter Than the Sun.

By the end of the recording he tells Karen that he thinks he loves her.

You can compare the versions and decide which version you prefer. It's a great pick me up song. You can;t help but feel happier after listening to this song.

Smash Soundtrack - Let Me Be Your Star

The first original Smash song is when Megan Hilty, played by Ivy Lynn, is first asked to record a demo for the new Marilyn Musical. She is a highly experienced Broadway performer, who's looking for her big break. She thinks the role of Marilyn could be that opportunity. She's also friends with the writer, Tom Levitt (played by Christian Borle), and has worked in his musicals before.

In the Smash TV show, both Ivy Lynn and Karen Cartwright (Katharine McPhee) want the lead role of Marilyn. This means they both sing this song during the show, sometimes alone and sometimes together. They sing the track together on the Smash soundtrack.

Let Me Be your Star is the perfect song for these two performers to face off on, as they both want to be the star. They both have beautiful voices and do the song credit but I have to admit, surprisingly, that I prefer the Megan Hilty parts of the song. She has more depth to her voice. However, the song is inspirational and uplifting. You can't help but sing along.

This is also the first song that is supposed to be in the actual musical that is on the soundtrack.

Smash Soundtrack - The 20th Century Fox Mambo

The 20th Century Fox Mambo is another song from the actual musical, rather than the TV show.

In the TV show, Ivy Lynn performs this song and is struggling to deal with Katharine as a backup singer. She continually asks to take it from the top, missing her lead in and messing up her lines.

Eventually, Ivy learns to deal with it as she's really just messing herself up.

Smash Soundtrack - Mr & Mrs Smith

Ivy Lynn and Michael Swift (Will Chase) perform this song in the Marilyn musical.

Ivy continues to be Marilyn while Michael is playing the role of Joe DiMaggio.

This song is about them settling down and forgetting about the fame and fortune. It's about becoming a normal couple and living in domestic bliss.

Smash Soundtrack - Let's Be Bad

Ivy Lynn performs this song in the show, as Marilyn.

Marilyn is the big star but this shows her at one of her lowest points. She is drunk and the fame is going to her head.

Later on Ivy herself goes through the same kind of thing. She performs in Heaven and Earth drunk and embarrasses herself on the stage. She gets herself fired.

More Smash Songs and Soundtracks

Smash Soundtrack Available Now

As Smash is a musical type TV show there are many more songs featured in the show. However, not all of them would have fitted on the Smash soundtrack.

Smash was also renewed for a second season on March 22nd 2012, so expect more Smash soundtracks in the future.


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    • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

      kevina oyatedor 

      5 years ago

      Love the soundtrack have at least 5 or six of the songs from the show. I miss this show. Great hub.


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