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Nicole (Snooki) Polizzi Punched Into Popularity

Updated on August 20, 2011
Baby Snooki
Baby Snooki

Nicole Polizzi

Before she was known as 'Snooki' she was Nicole Polizzi. Born in Santiago,Chile on November 23, 1987. Nicole is of Chilean descent, but was raised by adoptive parents who are Italian when just six months old.

So looking at this sweet girl on the right, how does she become a Snooki ?

Nicole was nicknamed in grade school. She was the first to kiss a boy among her friends therefore becoming Snooki.(Based off a a character from the movie Save the Last Dance.)

Jersey Shore

Snooki made her debut on Jersey Shore in August of 2009. Somewhat of an outcast by other cast, Snooki made herself known with her outspoken attitude, petite statue and orange skin-tone. Eventually throughout the season, Snooki was accepted and became a loved part of the family.

Cast of Jersey Shore
Cast of Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore "Family"

The family consists of :

  • Angelina or "Jolie"
  • Jenni or " J-WOW"
  • Sammi or "Sweetheart"
  • Mike "The Situation"
  • Pauly or "DJ Pauly D"
  • Ronnie
  • Vinnie

And of course "Snooki"

Instead of cast members maybe I should've said characters as they all seem to have an alter ego. But we love them just the same.

So is it all bad that we love this little orange? Let's look at things from a different angle.

Snooki suffered from Anorexia when in High School. This came out after roommate "The Situation" caused a situation by commenting on Snookis rolls (referring to fat rolls). Needless to say, Snooki was very upset as well as housemates, but some good did come of it.

Making teens and young 20 somethings (teens and early 20's make up 90% of viewing of Jersey Shore) aware of eating disorders and the dangers of this disease is important. Unfortunately,the youth of today is highly influenced by television role models and the cast of Jersey Shore has become just that. So if the viewing audience is thinking twice about their actions of eating and can relate to Snooki, all the better.


The Punch

The Punch Felt Worldwide

Snooki was assaulted at a bar and it was caught on tape. During one of many nights spent at the clubs of Jersey shore, Brad Ferro, of Queens, N.Y. a gym teacher, closed fist punched Snookie in the face.

The punch was felt worldwide as it was smeared over newspapers, magazines and the web. MTV ultimately pulled the coverage but it was too late, the damage was done. Again MTV referred viewers to Abuse Lines and such, but we felt her pain. 

University Snooki?

Another good thing, or bad thing is that Snooki has been speaking at many Universities around the country. Her message?


Basic ramble and a Q & A session with of course, a Best Abs Contest to follow. Really. I would've hoped this girl would use her new found fame to speak of anorexia, binge drinking and assault. But my hopes for the right thing once again disappoints. 

Off to jail
Off to jail
mug shot
mug shot

Go directly to Jail...Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200.00.

Snooki is not as innocent as we may think. Disorderly conduct caused this girl to be arrested at Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Police Chief Thomas Boyd says Snooki was arrested at around 3:25 p.m. Friday and charged with disorderly conduct after other beach goers reported she was bothering them.

Snooki a bother? Go figure. It is claimed she was drunk at the beach and mouthing off. Although she was seen and photographed pouring Coke into a beer bong. What is failed to be mentioned is what else was in that, maybe a little Jack or Jim? I guess we'll never know.

However, at court she was compared to Lindsey Lohan accusing her of being a wanna-be and fined $500.00 plus 2 days community service. An hour after court she was texting on Twitter while driving and Newark Mayor texted back "I can give u a ticket 4 texting & driving."

This girl needs to start watching her behavior. Or at least be smarter about it.

Snooki and Jeff

Snooki has been looking for love since day one on Jersey Shore. Her luck has not been good until Jeff Miranda. Or is that not true?

Jeff and Snooki met at a club in Jersey and was reported as being 'love at first sight.' However, it appears the love wasn't so clear under beer blinders.

Jeff Miranda has some history. He has a record of domestic abuse where he was said to beat and threaten to kill an ex-girlfriend. He has a restraining order against him. He asked Snooki to marry him on the cover of Steppin Out Magazine. Snooki was all to kind to decline his proposal on Twitter.

It appears as if this relationship is done. And thank goodness for that. Eventually the real "man", and I use the term loosely, would have shown himself to her.

Ahhh I'm sorry, he's a hotty. Snooki and Emilio reportedly broke-up due to numerous claims of Emilio pursuing women on Facebook and other social sites, drunk calling Snooki claiming to have slept with other women and attempting to be on MTV reality show The Real World. Again Snooki was kind enough to let her man know she was done by updating her Facebook page to Single.

 Someday Snooki your Prince will come. Until then we will sit anxiously by and watch.

 Although I personally do not find Jersey Shore to be one of my Can't Miss shows, I do watch. Why? I have no idea really.

Maybe it's because it is just so out there that people actually act the way they do that it is amusing to me?


Maybe I just don't have a life and choose to live through them?

No, that's not it.   

Maybe - ah heck- I don't know. I watch and that's that.


Enjoy your five minutes of fame Jersey Shorers- is that a word?


The next group will come along soon enough.


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