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So, Fact or Fiction?

Updated on December 2, 2012

What's actually true and what's not?

So we here all these old wives' tales and never actually know how true they are. Well, I'm here to help figure that out!

  • Swallowing chewing gum takes 7 years to go through your digestive tract. FALSE
  • Hair Grows back darker and thicker after being shaven the first time. FALSE
  • Going swimming less than an hour after eating and you'll have cramps. FALSE
  • One way to remove a tick from in the skin is to swab liquid soap on it. FALSE
  • The blair witch project was shot by three student film makers. FALSE
  • The Amityville Horror is based on a true story. FALSE
  • Earthquakes are more likely when weather is dry and hot. False

  • Cola type soft drinks can damage your kidneys. TRUE
  • Fish is brain food. TRUE
  • Sleeping on your back can cause snoring. TRUE

So these are the ones I found the most interesting. Hope you found these just as interesting and learned something new today!!


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    • manhan profile image

      manhan 5 years ago from Hungary (Budapest)

      They are really interesting. I know soft drinks like Coca Cola are unhealthy. I read somewhere that they use pesticides.