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So You Think You Can Dance 11 -- The Top 20 Are Chosen

Updated on June 30, 2014

Who will make it into the Top 20 and who will be sent home?

The place is LA and the time has come for contestants to go through the grueling selection process to find out if they have what it takes to make it into this year's Top 20.

Joining Mary and Nigel is perennial favorite, Adam Shankman and SYTYCD's favorite past contestant Twitch. Also on board is Tara Lapinski and Irina D [I didn't get the rest of it. Needless to say it looked like if she smiled her face would crack.].

The first round was solos and the first contestant up was Tanisha Belnap. She was followed by the other 156 contestants. The judges would give no feedback at this time. One of the dancers spotlighted was Steven Kador who was trying to keep his head in the game while his girlfriend was in labor about to give birth to his child. She'd encouraged him to be at the auditions instead of with her.

36 contestants were cut after this round. Steven Kador wasn't one of the, but the Puppet Dancer from a previous audition didn't make it. Now there are 123 contestants left.

The next round was a Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Christopher Scott and last year's contestant Jasmine was helping him demonstrate the dance to the dancers. Scott says not only is the choreography tricky, you have to make a connection with your partner to make it work. Contestants get all night to practice it.

Steven and Malene are the last two practicing the routine. Malene says Hip-Hop is totally not her style, while Steven keeps worrying about his girlfriend in labor.

Jessica Richens and Marie Poppins are in trouble during the Hip-Hop round. Marie has trouble being able to perform someone else's choreography. Judges put her through but Nigel thinks she's terrible. As for Jessica, she's given a chance to dance for her life.

Steven learns he has a son and he and Malene make it through to the next round. Jessica also makes it through.

Next up is Sonya Tayeh and a jazz routine.

Marie Poppins also has problems with the jazz routine. Jaja also has problems.

Tapper Zack Everhart and ballroom dancer, Alla, are called forward to learn if they're moving on or going. Alla got injured in rehearsal. Alla gets sent home, while Zack is told he was the star of the group he danced with and he's put through.

Serge, Johnny Waacks, Jourdan and Rudy are also put through to the next round.

Steven Kador is in the next group to perform the routine and he's terrible. He gets sent home. I wonder since he didn't make it, if he'll regret not being there when his son was born. Some things are more important than dancing and seeing the birth of your first child is one of them.

12 more dancers get sent home. Amongst them are Marie Poppins and Shafeek Westbrook.

JaJa has to dance for her life.

By 6:30 that evening only 64 dancers are left. JaJa is one of them when her solo saves her and she's sent on to the next round.

Ballroom is the final challenge of this day. Dmitry and Anya demonstrate the routine. Being that it's Dmitry, of course his shirt is completely unbuttoned in the front to display his manly chest. Dancers have all night again to learn this routine.

Day 3 starts and tappers Zach Everhart and Valerie Rockey are put through to the next round. Johnny Waacks and Rudy also make it through.

The dancers featured during this phase of the audition are JaJa and Emilo Dosal. Emilio got kicked in the nose last year and had to drop out of the contest. This year he's hoping to make it all the way. He and JaJa seem to have bonded teamed up together for this routine. Bot make it through to the next round.

Next up is Travis Wall's contemporary round. I was rooting for Travis to win during his season, unfortunately, Benji won instead. Yet if you look at how things have turned out Travis has made a much bigger name for himself in the dance industry that Benji has.

Travis says he won't go easy on the dancers. That he expects them to do what he could do when he was a contestant.

At 8 am Bridget Whitman is asked to dance for her life and at 8 pm she makes it through.

Then it's time for the dreaded Group Dance. At this point only 29 boys and 20 girls are left in the contest.

One group lets a dancer named Serena choreograph their routine and they call themselves One Love, which turns out to be an appropriate name as Serena has only One Love...herself. She choreographs a dance that highlights herself forgetting there is no ME in WE.

The judges aren't impressed by One Love and call Serena out of highlighting herself. They tell the group they can decide which one of them goes home. After Serena throws a pity party for herself they decide to pull a Friends and save if one goes they all should go, and the judges allow them all to go through to the last round. Johnny Waacks, Malene, Trenton and Camille also make it to the final round.

44 dancers remain to do their final solo and are allowed to give reasons why they should be chosen. Then it's up to the judges to decide who stays and who goes.

Before the judges pick the Top 20, it's revealed which dance crews are in the Top Four:

Academy of Villains

Wanted Ashiqz

Control Freaks

Syncopated Ladies.

Then it's time to reveal the Top 20:

1. Ricky

2. Jessica

3. Jacque

4. Teddy

5. Stanley

6. Carly

7 Emilio

8 Bridget

9. Valerie

10. Zach

11. Jourdan

12. Casey

13. Emily

14. Nick

15. Tanisha

16. Serge

17. Malene

18. Brooklyn

19. Marcquet

20. Rudy

JaJa was told to look to other styles when she got cut. Johnny Waacks was also cut. And so was the dancers in the group One Love. The guy that audition with Jenna also got cut, and so did the kid that followed the show to another city because he promised his dead dad he'd make it on the show.

So I guess the lesson is if you get featured in the auditions it doesn't necessarily equal to you being chose for the Top 20.


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