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So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap and My Take – Season 5, 2 of 10 Voted Off

Updated on October 22, 2011

Recap for last night’s performance show

Opening Number

Cool opening number, though definitely not my favorite Wade Robson routine ever. Don’t get me wrong, any of his choreography is still amazing! There was just not the typical feeling I usually get when watching his pieces. It was like there was that special energy missing from it. Maybe it was not due to the choreography, but more due to the performance. I guess I also get annoyed at them singling out a certain dancer like they did with Melissa.

On a side note…SO not liking Cat Deeley’s hair tonight!

Cat announced that 4 choreographers and the make-up artist for the show received nominations when the Emmy nominations were announced earlier today. The nominated choreographers were:

Tabitha and Napoleon D'umo

Mia Michaels

Tyce Diorio

Dmitry Chaplin (that makes a full circle for him, from dancer on the show, to choreographer on the show, to Emmy nominee for his work on the show)

Bottom 4 Revealed

Girls – Janette was first and she is safe (she has really been a surprise to me). Randi was then announced to be the first of the girls in the bottom 2 girls. Next was Jeanine who was safe—so not a surprise as she was amazing last night. It is down to Kayla and Melissa—Kayla is safe, and Melissa is in the bottom 2. This is exactly how I thought the bottom 2 girls would turn out.

Guys – Jason was first and he is safe, which as with Jeanine is so not a surprise, they have really brought out the best in each other. Evan was next, and he is safe, he must have an amazing fan base, I hope he steps it up next week—he is certainly capable. Kupono was next, and he was the first to be announced as in the bottom 2 guys, that Paso Doble was pretty bad so I am not super surprised. Remaining were Ade and Brandon—Brandon is safe and Ade is in the bottom 2 guys. I am surprised to see Ade in the bottom 2, he was really good last night.

I have reached the point in the season where I will be bummed to see just about anybody eliminated, I hate this! I take consolation in knowing that the exposure all of the Top 20 dancers have gotten from the show, regardless of where they rank, is an amazing and huge asset to their careers. That has been evidenced by the dancers we have seen come back and choreograph, or move on to shows like Dancing With the Stars.

In between the girls and guys we were shown another peek at auditions for Season 6, a lot more amazing dancers we will be seeing, well and a little bit of scariness!!

Next week some of the dancers from past seasons will be back on the results show to celebrate the 100th episode. This is in addition to the performance by Katie Holmes.

The Solos and judges commentary (Nigel was not there tonight due to prior commitments)

Randi – Really beautiful solo by her tonight. Mary thinks she is in the bottom due to the Paso last night because the rest of her performances have been amazing. Debbie said she is not a fan of the Paso Doble, and that between the dance and the wig she wore last not she was a victim of the combination.

Kupono – I wish he had done something a little newer feeling, but he is not being judged on it, so I guess he didn’t throw as much effort in. Mary said he has been a great dancer but that last night was not the best night because of the Paso Doble, and agreed with me that the solo was not up to par. No comment from Debbie here, not sure why.

Melissa – Honestly, I am tired of watching her milk the whole en pointe thing, and I felt like she didn’t do enough big stuff. Debbie said she think America is spoiled with so much talent but that Melissa needs to give more because her solo was not enough.

Ade – Not liking his solo, seemed very obviously ad-libbed and too thrown together and frantic. Mary seemed to like it though, she said he is s star. Debbie was trying to say something but got drowned out by Mary which bums me out, but the feeling I got was that she liked it.

Guest Musical Performance

Tonight’s performer was The Black Eyed Peas. First off, Fergie’s outfit was HOT, except for the random fluffy baton thing she was twirling all the time for some reason, it was odd and awkward, but the rest…HOT! Their performance was pretty good, though nothing spectacular and I am a fan of theirs. They did the whole random dancers thing though, I hate that…this time I was left to wonder if they had let members of the audience come up and dance it was so random.

The Results

The girls –The person eliminated was Randi. I am really bummed, though I guess not surprised. I really thought it should have been Melissa to go. She is a beautiful dancer, but she is the one remaining person I would have been okay seeing eliminated tonight as I feel she has not grown enough and not shown enough. Randi is great though, I think she will do great in her career as a dancer.

The guys – The dancer eliminated was Kupono. I SO blame the darned Paso Doble! Though really, at this point I would be bummed by any of the guys being eliminated. He has such amazing charisma and energy though, I definitely don’t think this is the last we will be seeing of him.


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