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So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap and My Take – Season 5, Top 6 Perform

Updated on October 22, 2011

Last Week's Performance Show

Last Week's Results Show

First, a confession…Cat Deeley has finally reached the point where she annoys me. I think it is a combination between the way she talks and the way she thinks she knows so much about what is good dancing, and sometimes obviously does not.

The guest judge tonight was Lil C. He makes me crazy! I am sure he knows a ton about his specialty, and maybe even knows some about other dance styles. I just get annoyed by his need to use big words and to attempt to describe things in a complex way.

Top 3 Guys – They were given a routine with Sonja Tayeh which she described as being very “willy Wonka’ish.” Very cool routine, but I always love Sonja’s choreography. If I had to pick someone as standing out as not as good it would be Ade who just seemed to be performing things a bit softer than Evan and Brandon. Lil C seemed to love it and commended Evan on not getting lost amidst Brandon and Ade who he thinks would have overpowered him. Mary really loved it and thought their unison was really good. Nigel said he thought Evan stood out tonight and I was feeling that myself as well, I thought he was really strong in this performance.

Jeanine & Ade, Dance 1 – Their first dance is a Samba with Louis Van Amstel. Louis said he is not giving them a traditional Samba. I have to admit it was way better than I thought it would be, though I do wish that Louis had put in some more traditional Samba work as I missed the Samba rolls and such. And though it was better than I thought it would be I didn’t think it was good enough, especially Ade. I thought that Jeanine had the movement down much more than Ade did, his movement was off. Mary agreed and thought Ade was really off and thought that after the first 15 seconds it was rough, especially Ade. Lil C thought it fell short as well. Nigel thought Ade was too upright and not down enough into it, he thought Jeanine looked beautiful.

Kayla’s Solo – Not her best solo, but not her worst. I felt like she threw too much in and you could tell she is worried. She flung her upper body around too much for me, it made it feel less controlled.

Melissa & Evan, Dance 1 – They started with a Broadway routine with Tyce Diorio. The dance is about a woman trying to get her fiancé to the church on time. Evan was awesome, this is so obviously his strength. Melissa was not as bad as I thought she may be, she carried the personality part, but she needs to learn to not do everything like a ballerina. Lil C said he thought Evan didn’t live up to his expectations and I think he is dead wrong. Mary thought it was worthy of making it to the finale (and let me say I think she is drunk tonight…), even Melissa. Nigel commented that they are seeing a lot of ballerina’s for next season but that they don’t seem able to adapt like she can, which I don’t think she does as much. He thought Evan brought what he needed to bring to the routine.

Ade’s Solo – Some really beautiful moment mixed with some moments that showed no control whatsoever, not my favorite solo ever.

Kayla & Brandon, Dance 1 – They start with a Contemporary piece with Stacey Tookey. The dance is about a mistress and a married man. I really liked the piece, and I thought it gave the two of them a real opportunity to shine and that they did. Really well performed piece, they both felt fully committed to the piece and the movement in it. Lil C felt it was really intense and beyond amazing, he felt this is the first time Kayla was equally matched, I agree. Mary thought Brandon was brilliant, and that Kayla was perfection. Nigel commended the choreographer and said he would have liked to have seen them dance together sooner to build more chemistry and that their technique was beautiful.

Melissa’s Solo – If you have been following my recaps you know that I am ready for her to go. And she didn’t change that with this solo, she continues to try and get by with basic moves and the novelty of being en pointe, though this time she tried to add in a bit of sexuality too.

Jeanine & Ade, Dance 2 – Their second routine is a Hip-Hop routine with Tabitha & Napoleon. The dance is about friends who are evicted from their apartment and involves boxes. It just felt slightly off the whole time to me. Jeanine managed to get a bit of the feeling you need with a Hip-Hop routine, but Ade just reminded me of a lost little boy for some reason. Lil C said they danced it way better than he thought they would and thought Ade has a dirty kind of groove about himself that he usually doesn’t use, I agree with the first part and disagree with the second part. Mary mentioned that she forgot after their Samba to say she thought Jeanine was terrific the whole way through it. As for this routine she said she thought they would not be getting an eviction notice after their performance and that Ade found a way to bring it down (I so disagree with the judges so far on that, I thought he was not down at all). Nigel thought it was great too.

Brandon’s Solo – Some really beautiful movement, I wish there had been a tiny bit less of it though so it didn’t feel so hurried, but really well done with great control. He needs to put his clothes back on though because it is obvious it was in hopes of getting votes for his body.

Melissa & Evan, Dance 2 – Their second dance was a Quickstep with Louis Van Amstel. Height is going to be a struggle here. Their footwork really struggled in some spots which was unfortunate. Their personalities made up for that some. Lil C commended Evan for dancing bigger than he has on the show, but commented that earlier in the season he was told to work on his retractions and he does not think he has, he said Melissa looked fabulous and did a fabulous job. Mary started by saying both of Louis’ routines were fabulous tonight. She thought the routine lost its life as it went along, which I felt as well, and she said it didn’t live up to her expectations. Nigel thought the Lindy Hop section and the Charleston section lost energy. He said it wasn’t one of the best routines of the night, though it was good.

Jeanine’s Solo – Not as much content as her solos usually have, but what she did she did well. Her personality adds a lot to her performances.

Evan’s Solo – One of his best solo’s so far in my opinion. I really hope he decides to head to Broadway after this, I wonder if he can sing, I am quite sure he can act.

Kayla & Brandon, Dance 2 – For their second dance they had a Disco routine with Doriana Sanchez. It was a really high energy routine that felt like it lost a bit of control, in a bad way, about midway though. This is not to say I thought it was an awful performance, I thought they did a great job, but the stunts got a little rough around the edges as they passed the midpoint. Lil C kind of wandered back into annoying territory, in the end what he was trying to say was that he liked it I think; he thought Kayla had a groove and thought Brandon was there for Kayla and that they make each other better. Mary said she thought they gave it a home run and then she screamed…A LOT. Nigel commented that it is easy to hype an audience and then screamed himself, it was very scary!

Top 3 Girls – They also worked with Sonja Tayeh. She choreographed a Contemporary routine based on superheroes. Kayla is Storm, Jeanine is Wonder Woman and Melissa is Buttercup. It was a great piece, really fun. Melissa was not awful in comparison to Kayla and Jeanine like I thought she may be, but the other two were noticeably stronger to me and grasped the content and feeling a bit more. Lil C said he felt like they didn’t all go for the gusto, maybe in being courteous to those less able to bring it, but thought they danced it amazingly. Mary said they are the epitome of strong, versatile, sexy, talented dancers, but that Kayla stood out because she had some strong choreography of her own. Nigel said he loved the 3 of them together and that nobody stood out as being better than the others, and then he got a little lecherous.

I think the girl most at risk of getting the least votes is: Kayla, both because of where she landed last week and because of the judges curse. I think this would be 100% the wrong decision though and it would make me really angry as it is time for Melissa to go and Jeanine and Kayla deserve to be in the final.

I think the guy most at risk of getting the least votes is: Ade, though it could be Evan but I think he has enough fan base and his solo was great. I think Brandon is definitely safe. Evan is a favorite for me but largely because he dances the type of stuff I do (or did).


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    • Violet Valerie profile imageAUTHOR

      Violet Valerie 

      8 years ago from Westminster, Colorado

      Thank goodness!

    • Najah Jayne profile image

      Najah Jayne 

      8 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Ooops! Mea culpa--thank you for the correction; you learn something new every day! Glad you were able to vote, and as we know it all turned out the way we hoped this week.

    • Violet Valerie profile imageAUTHOR

      Violet Valerie 

      8 years ago from Westminster, Colorado

      Retraction refers to kicks, typically in jive because of all the quick kicks involved but it also can be used to refer to other dances where quick kicks are involved, it is the motion of bringing your foot backwards after the kick.

      I think Ade was more "down" in both ways than he has been in the past, but that it is way too little too late.

      I voted a gajillion times in hopes of preventing us from losing Jeanine or Kayla to keep Melissa.

    • Najah Jayne profile image

      Najah Jayne 

      8 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      My opinion on Li'l C is that he knows very little about any style of dance except his own. I thought Evan was wonderful in the Broadway number he did w/ Melissa, from technique to personality--I'm willing to bet Li'l C couldn't even begin to do that & he doesn't have a clue what it takes. He only doesn't like it because it's not hip-hop & Evan is so different from the other 2 guys. Melisaa was better than I expected her to be in her various pieces last night, but still not good enough (or gutsy enough). By the way, it's "contractions" not "retractions"--something that is used in jazz as well as other styles (such as belly dance). I do have to disagree with you about Ade in the hip-hop number--I agreed that he really was more "down" (& they mean both down into the ground literally and also down and dirty) but that's kind of a subjective call; I just felt that he really had that "down" attitude and style. I couldn't get through to vote, though!


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