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So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap and My Take – Season 6, Audition 2 (Phoenix)

Updated on September 16, 2009

Audition 1, Los Angeles

The guest judge for Phoenix was Mia Michaels.

Straight to Vegas

In addition to those below on Day 1 they also showed them putting Katie Muth and Ellie Soto straight through but didn’t show much of their performances.

Sasha Mallory (Contemporary) – She made it straight to Vegas Season 4. She did a really cool quirky routine with a chair prop. I really like her, the routine really told a story and she seemed really committed to it. Mia thought she had great technique and that it was a strong solo.

Jonathan “Legacy” Perez (Breakdancing) – His toprock moves were not that thrilling in my opinion, but he had some really good downrock moves and he did an awesome hand walk across the floor. He has a really strong and bright personality, and I must say he is cute, he would do well with votes. The judges thought he was great, and Mia mentioned that she had heard of him and that he was good.

Through to Choreography

The choreography round this season for auditions is a Latin dance with Pasha Kovalev and Anya Garnis from Season 3.

Day 1 – On Day 1 30 people made it through to choreography.

Demetrio “Biggie” Bargas and Brandon “Shorty” Smallwood (Popping/Locking) – These two drove all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma to do this. They are definitely entertaining. “Biggie” is a bit too wobbly and his moves are not sharp at all. “Shorty was okay,” though he had a really limited range. But they got put through to choreography somehow. Vegas?—Biggie quit. Brandon was eliminated.

Allison Becker (a mix in my opinion) – She is hearing impaired. Her dancing is really rough around the edges, and yet beautiful in its own way. I can see her potential and think that a large part of the problem was that the routine was not the best. Nigel said her technique is not as good as he would like it yet. Mary cried and told her she is an inspiration. Vegas?—She made it to Vegas.

Willem De Vries and Jacob Jason (Latin) – They hold the US same sex Latin title. They were way better than the couple last season. I really wish one of them had taken the male role. Their technique was really good though. Mary and Mia cried. Vegas?—They both made it.

12 others from day one also made it through to Vegas.

Day 2 – On Day 1 22 people made it through to choreography.

Jarvis Johnson (a mix) – First off, this guy belongs under scary in my opinion, big time! This guy screams more than Mary, who knew that was possible?!? I think he may have ADHD. He danced himself out of his shoes, quite unique I must say. He is definitely high energy. I am sure he is fun at a wedding or dance club. They sent him through to choreography, I am not sure why, Nigel looked mortified by the choice. Vegas?—He collapsed at some point, apparently it was an asthma attack. That was it for him.

Kelsey White (Contemporary) – She was not the best I have seen by far, but she was acceptable. After all the weirdness they had seen that day Nigel asked if aliens had ever kidnapped her and she answered “once,” and he left. He said yes to choreography from the wings. Mia and Mary agreed and sent her through. Vegas?—She didn’t make it through, but they told her she has potential and to work hard and come back.

Only five dancers out of the 22 made it through to Vegas for Day 2!

Final results of both choreography rounds: 15 dancers from Day 1 and five dancers from Day 2 got tickets to Vegas after the choreography round.


Jonathan Noronha (not sure) – He did something with short batons and goofy running around and then some letter props that spelled DISCO and ended with a picture of Mary. I think he thought he was Disco dancing. I will say it was interesting and energetic.

Brandon Gordon and Nicole Peterson (pseudo-ballet) – Not sure what this was all about. Wearing a tutu does not make you a ballerina. I will say they looked really happy while performing, like it made them happy to dance.

Next week—Boston (with Tyce Diorio as the 3rd judge)

So far we are not seeing a lot, we usually see a lot more of auditions and I am not sure if it is because of time constraints (due to the tightness of Fall TV schedules), or a desire to keep things brief for some reason. I am just hoping that there is a lot of good going on that we are just not seeing!


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