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So how bad do you want to be a Hollywood Actor?

Updated on March 13, 2015

So how badly do some aspiring actors want to break into Hollywood?

For many years now i have always been quite amazed at the lengths some new actors or even some established actors will go to to be in a movie or break into the Hollywood world.

I remember going to see the movie Van Wilder in 2002 and seeing an actor who use to be on the TV show 90210 going to the bathroom in a pail towards the end of the movie because his girlfriend put Colon Blow in a smoothie he had for breakfast. I wondered at the time about this unfortunate actor who must have been desperate for money. Doesn't this actor have any self respect? Is this supposed to be funny and not just disgusting? Does this actor realize that he might be ruining his entire career just because of this one scene? I asked myself, so how much did this guy get paid to humiliate himself in front of millions of people? Did he even read the script before he took the job? Why didn't he refuse to humiliate himself in front of the entire movie going public? Needless to say I have never seen this actor every again in any movie or TV show.

I remember seeing Jeff Daniels in 1994 in the movie "Dumb and Dumber" and he did virtually the same bathroom scene that the actor in Van Wilder did after Jim Carey put Colon Blow into some drink that Jeff Daniel's character later drank. Amazingly Jeff Daniels was able to bounce back from this humiliation and continue to have a prestigious career where he is still respected as an actor. But again I thought at the time, doesn't Jeff Daniels have any self respect? Why didn't he insist that at least this one humiliating scene be removed?

I have just seen the horrible movie 50 Shades of Grey and once again I thought about the young actors in this movie who are trying to break into the movies and how insane it was that they chose this horrible movie to humiliate themselves. This movie as embarrassingly bad across the board, even including the sex scenes. The story was stupid, the different scenes were disconnected and made no sense and overall there was absolutely no reason for this movie to be made. The biggest tragedy is that this movie was made in the first place, and for some reason the book made so much money considering the entire story was so completely ridiculous.

Now the Hollywood community will probably be very curious to see if the two actors in this very bad movie will survive after embarrassing themselves at this level. My guess is that they might never make another movie again.

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