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Social Media Anyone?

Updated on January 28, 2021

I admit, I have 'issues'

It’s not that I object to other people expressing their opinions, I just object to the passive aggressive way in which they tend to express them. In other words, it's the way they say they don’t have a problem with what you are doing, followed by, the way with which they would do it-if they were you. I’d rather someone just come right out and say they have an issue with what I am doing-that is, of course, if I ask, or am asking, for an opinion. I wouldn’t even mind hearing the problem they have with, what I am doing, if they were respectful to me, and the fact that I will still, ultimately, do what I want in the end anyways. Unfortunately, this so rarely is the case. This is why so many people avoid or stay clear of topics, and situations that involve religion, racism, prejudices, and politics. That is, unless they are safely behind their keyboards, then they say whatever they want, whenever they want, about whomever they want.

Everyone has his or her own opinions, and everyone is entitled to them, that doesn't mean everyone is going to agree or be in agreement. No one wants to be caught being politically incorrect, saying something, saying anything, that might be deemed as politically incorrect. Should something I do or say be deemed incorrect or improper, I am labeled, branded, as 'that bitch', with issues. Damn right I have 'issues,' you might too if you were me. I'll be the first to tell you I have 'issues,' in fact, I have a lifetime subscription, that doesn't entitle me or give me the right to verbally assault or attack anyone.

Perhaps this is why I have issues with ‘social media.’ People that would not normally, express, share, or voice, their opinions, suddenly have something to say. Were it not for social media, they wouldn't nor couldn't, because it would not be known or shared. Never mind if they are qualified to weigh in on the subject, or if they are, or were, of sound mind-if someone has something to say about something, regardless of who they are, they will, can, and do. They will post it, say it. announce it, share it,Tweet it, blog it, show it, FB it, YouTube it...Social media is right there, available, and accessible, to air our every grievance, and state our wanted, or unwanted opinions. Damaged people, hurt people, fragile people, unstable people, angry people, hateful people, spiteful, petty, vindictive, socially inept people, everyone has something to say, and not all of it is good.

Of course, having my ‘issues’ with social media, does not mean I do not enjoy the luxury of having it, or that I am unable to see the positive aspects of it. I have ‘issues’ period, so obviously when I say I have issues with something, or someone, or with something someone does, or says, doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t respect it, or them, or what they are doing, or have done. The issue I have in particular, with ‘social media,’ is the negative way in which we express those ‘opinions.’ My issue is simply one of confusion. For I fail to see how name calling, slander, gossip, ‘bullying,’ verbal attacks, and abuse, which is intended to hurt another person, is supposed to be deemed beneficial, helpful, or healthy. Perhaps we can help others by ‘educating’ them, ‘informing’ them, or at the very least, stating kindly, and compassionately, with empathy, why your/our opinions, ideas, philosophy, might possibly be, a viable solution, or option, to help them in their quest to better their situations, and or circumstances-whatever they may be.

If a woman chooses to return to her abuser, tell me, because I fail to comprehend how, it is helpful in any way, to call her a stupid bitch, an ass, insult, belittle, degrade her, and tell her that she deserves whatever she gets, just because she has made a choice that I am not in agreement with. If someone fails to heed the advice, fails to listen to the opinions, and instructions, of others-they are immediately, incessantly, and mercilessly, condemned, by all those that feel 'entitled to weigh in. The 'know it all's', the 'holier than thou', the sane and insane, the morally, and socially, inept-everyone has something to say, everyone thinks they know what you should do, and thinks they know something more about you, than you do. Advice and opinions become instructions and orders, insults, and judgments. Firsthand knowledge, gives way to assumptions, presumptions, and hearsay-there is so much shade, it's no wonder some people cannot grow, fail to grow, and cease to grow.

If someone starts by calling me names or ‘attacks’ me for something they see, believe, or think, that I am doing wrong or have done wrong, my immediate response is to shut them down entirely. I am not going to heed or follow the advice of someone that insults, belittles, or verbally assaults me, regardless if they have good intentions or not. Perhaps it is not the message itself, that I object to, so much as, the delivery. I am always open to someone’s views, opinions, and or experiences, if they are speaking from a place of mutual respect, compassion, understanding, and non-judgment.

I am not seeking pity or sympathy from anyone, I can feel sorry for myself, I don't need anyone's help with that, I can throw my own pity party. Finding someone that can relate, identify, understand, or empathize, with what we are going through is the hope, and likely the only reason people share their ordeals, ideas, feelings, thoughts, experiences, and trials, via social media. I try very hard, not to judge, or pass judgment, about the way other people live their lives, or what they do-so long as it doesn’t affect my loved ones, or me, directly, in an adverse or negative manner. Even then, I am still incredibly leery about what I say, how it’s said, and with whom I am saying it to, because it may be viewed as offensive, aggressive, hurtful, and or rude. I have no desire to hurt anyone, or contribute to anyone's pain, sorrow, or heartache. I believe that there's a certain responsibility that goes with advising others as to what they should do. If insulting someone, degrading someone, hurting someone, or calling someone names, is the only way to get a message across, I prefer not to be the messenger.

I am not going to take whatever issues I have, and use them as an excuse, means, or justification, for why I hurt others. Putting others down in order to seem, or appear superior, or for no other reason, than to make yourself feel better, for your own entertainment, isn't making you look better, in my opinion. Sticks and stones may hurt, but social media can scar for life. Cyber-bullying, verbal assaults, exposing, and sharing, private movies, pictures, texts, and e-mails, the damage inflicted, cannot be erased or deleted, it's out there for the whole web world to see. There are those that have taken their lives, due to hateful, spiteful, vindictive, bitter, angry, cruel, and malicious, remarks, and behavior, of others, via social media.

This is why ‘social media’ is like many things in this world, and in this life, a double-edged sword-as with everything else in this life, we must take the good with the bad. There are many positive aspects to ‘social media,’ along with many negative aspects-poor grammar being just one, of many. Of course, this is just one person’s opinion. Not everyone can see the irony in being told what a complete moron you are, by someone, that cannot even spell. Not everyone feels remorse or sorrow if something they said is deemed hurtful or cruel, in fact, some people take great pleasure in ridiculing, mocking, and insulting, others-some even earn a living, making fun, poking fun, of others-humor at the expense and pain of others... And they say I have issues?


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