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Some women aren't into chick flicks, we love action films.

Updated on September 12, 2012

Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan

Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan
Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan | Source

I actually do have a mind, but I love getting all excited in a theatre.

Sorry fella's, I might not just sit around and "suck face" (I know an old saying)

But, when I go to the theatre, I love seeing action films.

Also sci-fi, horror and all sorts, but not really into chick flicks and such.

Well if you think about it, why pay 15 dollars to sit and a movie theatre,

why watching a film, when I can wait and do it for free at home?

I know there are great films out there, but drama's aren't really

my preferences.

I want entertainment and go to theatre, to experience excitement

and get my adrenaline going.

I like feeling alive, while watching a film in a theatre.

Quite frankly, being involved in being part of films, acting

and such, I know look at films a whole different way

than most people.

I actually study everything and you bet I'm going

to notice the continuity in the film, sorry,

but being in some indie films, you kind of

go beyond just being someone sitting in

the audience and just watching a film.

I study as much as I can watching a film.

Yes, I do know, acting is based on emotion

and such.

I just love action films.

Actually to do your own stunts, do you know,

how careful you have to be? If not,

you seriously can be hurt.

Also with wrestling, it's acting and the acting

is just acting in the ring, but the stunts,

and body slams, those are all real.

From doing a few things, being slammed

to the ground myself for a film, it isn't

all that easy, it does take a lot of stamina

to do all this.

So I totally give respect to the action films,

it is so involved, when putting your body

into a role, where you would practically

put yourself in danger, for the sake of your art.

I also give a lot more respect to that action people,

cause they aren't dumb or stupid, actually a lot

of the stunt men are indeed brilliant men, who

put their lives on the line for a film, and

they really should be given a little bit more


I know, I know, to each their own, but

just remember this is my preference,

and I can't tell others what to like, and

what not to like.

This is just things I like.


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