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Song- How Does It Become A Hit

Updated on August 3, 2011


Competition among music industries is very tight. Public's taste to music changes every time and there is a continuous growth in modern technology in music. According to a guidebook in industry, there are so many youths dreaming to become recording stars... but there are so much processes and steps that they need to take before they can reach their goal and to be given a contact. 

1. Composition

Composers aim to write lyrics that can touch the emotions of the listeners--- about their desires, dreams, aspirations and feelings. Do you know the most popular theme? Nothing else but LOVE. Composers tend to create attractive rhythm that can easily be loved and remembered.


After the composition, composers usually make samples of recording, or demo of the song. If the executive of the recording company thinks that the song will become a hit, he will propose to the composer of a recording contract. But if they doubt the singing ability of the composer (or maybe he's not really able to sing), it is possible that the company will just buy the song and have a popular singer recorded it. 

3. Recording

Record companies usually hire experienced producers to manage the recording. He chooses the songs and styles. He also is the one who manages the contract and the recording studio, music arrangement, copyist, musician, backup singers, recording engineer, at other equipment to create a a product that people will love.

4. Master Digital Recording

A recording is commonly composed of separate recordings. Usually, the first to record are the instruments followed by the lead vocal and back ups and then the special sound effects. They are combined to create a master digital recording. 

5. Music Video

Recording companies create music video for their songs to be known. This 3 to 5 minutes video is like a live show and acts as a publicity. Just this one can already be profitable.

6. Concert

Albums of these recording artists are sold widely to the areas/places where they hold concerts. And so there is where they promote their albums and other up coming concerts.

7. Website

Singers have their own websites that have samples of their songs, pictures, videos, blogs and news/updates about their up coming concerts, as well as the links to their fans club at most importantly to the music store in the internet.


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    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 6 years ago from Lagos

      The making of a song let alone hit song is not an easy task. Thanks for this information. It is well appreciated

    • profile image

      Reena J 6 years ago

      People in this generation encourages the use of latest technology in music and when it stuck them the song naturally gets good hit..