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Song of the Day - 1 July 2013

Updated on July 3, 2013

Katie Herzig - "Free My Mind (RAC Remix)"

I first came across the music of Katie Herzig on iTunes a couple of years ago. Her songs were quaint little pop songs that caught my attention very quickly. She can brighten my mood with her voice, and keep me going with her unique pop style.

Herzig's album The Waking Sleep came out in 2011, and featured a few songs that became instant favorites on rotation. These songs include "Free My Mind" and "The Best Day of Your Life". I was also drawn to her singles "Hey Na Na" (2009) and "Little Bit of Love" (2013).

It wasn't until a few days ago that I discovered that her single for "Free My Mind" had be remixed by a group called RAC. These guys are known for their outstanding productions and remixes, and have a great knack for making old songs new again. I really enjoy this remix, and it has become one of my favorite songs to chill out to.



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