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Song of the Day - 14, 15 July 2013

Updated on July 15, 2013

Empire of the Sun - "Alive"

Empire of the Sun holds a reputation for providing great music for the dance floor. Their previous album, Walking On A Dream (2009), gave birth to the hit single of the same name, and booted these Aussies into pop stardom. When Ice On The Dune was released earlier this year, I was excited to hear the new single. "Alive" definitely lives up to its dance club expectations; it has the power to always put me in a feel-good mood. The video is quite strange, but well worth a view.

Where To Get The Single

Bloc Party - "Ratchet"

I was into Bloc Party a lot when I was in college. Their album Silent Alarm was on repeat on my iTunes constantly. When I saw that they were releasing a new EP next month, I had to take a listen to the single. And when I heard the single, I had to see if they made a video. This video is so interesting, with crazy camera tricks and fun editing. "Ratchet" is reminiscent of their old stuff, but better in my opinion. I hope the future of Rock and Roll continues in the way of Bloc Party.

Where To Get The Single


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