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Song of the Day - 18 July 2013

Updated on July 18, 2013

Lelia Broussard - "Hipster Bitch"

I was inspired to feature this song today after reading a recent Hub about Hipsters. A sub-culture all their own, Hipsters definitely stand out in a crowd. From Lelia Broussard's 2010 album Masquerade, "Hipster Bitch" is an ode to the girl that most other girls can't stand. She's the one who can drink with the boys, don the quirkiest of outfits, and rock second-day eyeliner like nobody else. While the video below displays Broussard playing a solo acoustic guitar, she actually rocks this song at lives shows; she and her bandmates really get into it. Watch out while listening to this song in mixed company though: she drops the f-bomb once toward the end.

Where To Get The Single


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