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Song of the Day - 4, 5, 6 July 2013

Updated on July 6, 2013

Jacob Jeffries - "American Girl"

I chose this song to represent America's Independence Day. I stumbled upon this gem a few months ago on YouTube. The Official Tom Petty Facebook page posted this cover for fans to enjoy, and since then, I have been listening to it non stop. Being that "American Girl" is my favorite Tom Petty track, this cover really intrigued me. Jeffries and his band made it their own, without changing it too much. He has such an amazing voice to boot!

Phoenix - "Trying to be Cool"

The French band Phoenix recently released the album Bankrupt! and I was initially drawn to the first single, "Entertainment". But when I heard the second single, I felt it represented their style as a band more closely. It's very edgy, yet still very pop. And this video that was produced to promote the single is nothing shy of inventive. I don't think these guys really ever have to try to be cool.

Where To Get The Single

Johnnyswim - "Make"

I absolutely adore Johnnyswim because I am completely drawn to guy/girl duos. Whether is Alternative music like MS MR, retro pop like She & Him, or folk pop like Johnnyswim, I am really into acts like these. Johnnyswim's newest EP (Heartbeats) features the song "Make", and it emphasizes their folk roots and beautiful pop melodies. The two of them harmonize together so well, and their songs reflect the chemistry that makes them a success. I would also recommend "Home" from the EP of the same name. Rhythmic guitars mixed with two beautiful voices: you just can't go wrong!

Where To Get The Single


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